Deepika Padukone walks on the streets of Mumbai as Malti for a social experiment

Deepika Padukone has definitely put her heart in movie Chhapaak and left no stone unturned in spreading the awareness or in promoting it.

Deepika did a social experiment on the streets of Mumbai with the team of Chhapaak to understand how people react seeing acid attack survivers.

The video named Malti On The Run started with Deepika saying, whenever she steps out, people recognise her and sometimes she wants to hide. She then get inside the vanity van and comes out as Malti and is accompanied by 3-4 more survivers, the hidden camera follow there moves.

The girls first go to the gadget shop where the shopper welcomes them all. Deepika also ask a lady in the store to click a selfie with them and she happily did. There were some men who made faces but weren’t rude.

The girls then move toglossary store, jewelry store, local shopping market to see how people react. And to say the reactions are quite disturbing isn’t enough. Have a look at the video and tell us how you feel and if you ever cross paths with someone like Malti, will you stop and say hello?

This video is a prove that people say a load of things about change but when something actually happens their face says it all. It’s time to step up and change the mindset – ours and others. Together we have to change the world.

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