Coming from a conservative family, travelling solo was something i needed to do|| 8 things I learned from travelling solo

Aren’t you scared? Is what I heard all 3 days I was travelling solo (not technically solo because my driver was there). Before leaving everyone told me the negative things that might happen , how unsafe it is but no one told me how positive and a lifetime experience it will be. I won’t deny I was damn anxious but as the first night passed i had a feeling nothing will go wrong. But I guess I was just as cautions as I always am in Delhi.

So I went to Dhanolti, Chamba, Tehri lake and Rishikesh and Here are 8 things I learned from travelling solo apart from booking my own room, bargaining and doing different water activies –

1. I learned to enjoy your own company

2. I learned to trust my instincts.

3. I learned how to do things to make myself happy and not others

4. I learned the true meaning of independence

5. I learned to trust new people and their kindness

6. I learned a lot about my surrounding – the life of people , their problems, their happiness, their culture and much more.

7. For once I kept my phone aside and gave myself the time to relax and appreciat the nature that I rarely do when I am in Delhi.

8. The time alone made me learn the importance of family and people I really care about.

Traveling solo gave me a sense of freedom and independence which I take pride in. Now, I can bravely face any situation with a super(woman) like demeanor knowing that I had conquered my own fears in both life and travel.

And I suggest every girl out there to and travel alone be it for 2 days but you’ll learn a lot things not just about your surroundings but also about yourself, which is very important.

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