Things we all can learn from Mr Bean

Mr Bean is a funny character played by ROWAN ATKINSON, that shows humour can outdo generations, gender, nationalities and boundaries. It’s one of the many shows that have united people with it’s uniqueness.However, aside his amusing and ridiculous weird personality, there are things we can learn from Mr Bean for us love and happiness.

1. BE CREATIVE Don’t be afraid to try something new and different. Remember when Mr Bean couldn’t fit his long pants in the suit case and cut them and turned them into shorts? He always tried new creative ways to solve his problems.2. BE HAPPYStop finding happiness in materialistic things or try to please others and be happy with little things you do everyday. Mr Bean was happy reading bed time stories to his teddy. “Happiness is choice only you can pick got yourself” 3. FIND A WAY TO GET WANT YOU WANT , ALWAYS Mr Bean was never ready to settle for anything less than what he wanted and make mischievous and dangerous schemes to full fill them. Now of course I am not asking you to make schemes but if he can get his way then so can you !

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