The Gilmore girls taught me these 8 things I am never forgetting

From quick comebacks to missing your mom, Gilmore Girls is classy, genuine, and keeps you interested. I learned a lot from Stars Hollow, Lorelai, Rory. From the importance of coffee-food-education-shows-rambling-friends-family, Gilmore girls has taught me things I couldn’t learn in 21 years.

The bond that Lorelai and Rory share is so special and make me think if I could ever have the same equation with my mother or someday with my own daughter.

Here are things I have learned with the girls –

1. There’s no right way of doing something so stand up for your self

2. You may sometime stumble, no matter how much you were prepared – it’s okay

3. Sometimes it’s okay to walk a road back but what’s important is to realise that you don’t need to be there.

4. It’s okay to be sad and cry over a breakup

5. Good friends are important in life, even if it’s Paris Geller

6. Be smart, strong and an independent lady with a hint of sarcasm and of course with a love of food.

7. Do not give up on something you love. Be it a person, thing or your dreams

8. Making a pro con list isn’t stupid

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