Why Are We Making Kangana Ranaut The Queen And Rhea Chakraborty The Bitch?

For the past few weeks, every time I open my social media accounts or news, there’s only one thing I see – “Rhea Chakraborty, the chudail, who plotted to kill Sushant Singh Rajput”. I unlike almost everyone else is not going to pass judgments on who is right or wrong and would wait for the whole thing to clear up and Justice to be served. But I want to ask, is there any sort of harassment, mental torture Rhea and her family hasn’t been through in the last few days by all the self-proclaimed, Justice givers on social media and prime – time news channels and reporters?

We all want to know what happened to SSR, we all want his family to know the truth, get Justice but is that going to happen by attacking and mobbing Rhea the way the media did? We all see how Indian Media is hitting new lows every day with this case. They are trying to gain TRP’S by harassing a girl who hasn’t been proved guilty of the murder charge. I don’t see this behavior even with the proven rapists in the country.

The whole case has many twists and turns, unanswered questions, confusion, and Kangana Ranaut, SSRJUSTICEWARRIOR, choose to decode everything wrong with Bollywood. She hits a new low every time she insensitively accuses and passes judgments on every person that has ever pointed or has an opinion about her in the Bollywood industry. There are multiple tweets, interviews shared or given by her and her team; mostly name-calling, degrading, shaming other individuals whose opinion was different than hers. But what saddens me the most is how everyone made Kangana Ranaut the queen even when she tweeted words like :

“Sure Rhea is a gold digger but Sushant was her only source of income, after his murder, she rushed to meet Akhtars, why? Does she have a valid reason to kill Sushant? Or did the mafia use her? Is suicide gang making her the scapegoat now? #justiceforSushantSinghRajput”

Everyone supported Kangana, appreciated her on how she made her way on the top all alone, she inspired people despite her controversies but she now is turning into someone people shouldn’t be looking up to. The feminine version of Kangana Ranaut and people who are supporting her are now starting to scare me because today it’s Rhea, tomorrow it can be me or you.

People who came out in support of Rhea too have been trolled, accused and name called but why? Just like her, they too can use the platform to address their opinion. And if Kangana name-calling and damaging one’s image is OKAY with the nation then the leader calling her Haramkhor too shouldn’t be a big issue, no?

When people United for Kangana then why not for every actor, every woman she has misspoken about from Alia Bhatt to Swara Bhaskar – be it an insider or outsider.

It’s time to start acting human and stop idolizing the wrong. The world needs women supporting women and not defaming them because there are many different ways to bring out the truth then why choose to bad – mouth and set a bad example?

( P.S this article is not about Rhea being right or Kangana being wrong but about how I personally don’t think a woman with the power of making people listen to her, say such low things about another woman. )

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