Beard Guide For Men Who Take Inspiration From “Kabir Singh”

Beards are in trend and for most men it’s a way of showing masculinity but growing a fuller and majestic beard is joke. This trend is going next level since the release of Kabir Singh. One can sure ace the look but no doubt it requires a lot of patience and attention along with hell load of time. But even after all the hard work, things can go a little haywire.

Here are 5 ways you can achieve the look :

1. Use beard oil

You have to use a good beard oil if you want to speed up the process, and grow a beard quickly. And you have to experiment and try a bunch of variants before you find the best beard oil that work for you.

2. Use beard shampoo

Most beard shampoos contain nutrients and compounds that stimulate beard growth.

3. Trim it

Don’t be afraid to trim your stubble ever so slightly, if it starts growing bad and patchy. However, take care not to shave it off. By trimming it, you are sort of resetting things, but not completely. This just takes care of the part that has gone awry. Plus, going for a close shave regularly tends to make your beard grow all patchy.

4. Nutritional deit

Food rich in vitamins A, all variants of vitamin B and C and also magnesium are good for hair growth.. Incorporate vegetables and other items that have a low glycemic index if you want faster results. Your diet should have a healthy balance between green leafy vegetables, fruits with seeds, and eggs

5. Regulate smoking

Smoking is not good for health and neither for the hair growth. Now if you can’t quit smoking atleast try to regulate it and see the result.

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