Exclusive| Actor Ravi Kishan On Consumption Of Drugs In Youth, DCP Sanjay Bhatiya Says, ‘We are Putting Regular Efforts and Stress On Finding Sources And Consumers’

Drugs-related allegations that have emerged against the film industry in the Sushant Singh Rajput investigations were raised in parliament by actor-politician Ravi Kishan.

A conspiracy is being hatched to destroy the country’s youth and our neighboring countries are adding to it. The smuggling of drugs from Pakistan and China is being carried out every year. It is being brought via Punjab and Nepal,” said the BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh.

In an exclusive interview with Dil ki Awaaz actor-politician Ravi kishan said that consumption of alcohol/drugs in youth is mostly because of peer pressure, family issues, heartbreaks, but it doesn’t only affect the consumer but also the family.

There are many excuses people give like depression, loneliness, heartbreak to consume drugs. They think it’ll give them some stability on their emotions but consuming them will only kill you, it’ll kill your career, your family. If a person in the family is addicted to alcohol/drugs/cigarettes it affects not just him/her but everyone.” He said.

He also added that it is very important for the kids these days to indulge in sports more as it cleanses the body and makes you fit. He says “No matter what type of sport you play, it’ll take you away from the alcohol/Drugs/cigarettes as you’ll be more focused on making yourself better every day, mentally and physically. Sports give you the strength to overcome the negativity.”

We also got in touch with Central DCP, Sanjay Bhatiya he says, “People these days consume drugs to run away from their problems but that’s a wrong choice to make. We are making continuous efforts and stress on catching the source, peddlers, and consumers. We are regularly finding the criminals.”

Drug Consumption in India has evidently increased in last few decades and report Submitted by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), the “Magnitude of Substance Use in India” report was one such to come after a gap of more than a decade.

Here are some of the findings :

Opioids (heroin, morphine, etc):

  • Approximately 2.6 crore people in India have used or use opioids.
  • More than 60 lakh people in India suffer from Opioid use disorders.
  • The most common drug used is Heroin followed by Pharmaceutical opioids and Opium.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat contribute to more than half of the people suffering from Opioid abuse.

Sedatives and Inhalant:

  • Approximately 1.18 crore people use sedatives and inhalants.
  • 4.6 lakh children and 18 lakh adults need help as a result of inhalant use.
  • The prevalence of use is higher in children and adolescents as compared to adults.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Haryana have a very high child population in need of help as a result of an overdose.

Injected Drugs (Through syringes and other mediums):

  • Over 8.5 lakh people inject drugs into themselves and are addicted.
  • Uttar pradesh (100,000), Punjab (88,000), Delhi (86,000) top the numbers.
  • The most common drugs injected are Heroin (48%) and Buprenorphine (46%).
  • 27% of people who inject drugs admit sharing their needled with other people, risking diseases like HIV.


  • About 14.6% of the total population of India (~ 16 crore people) are users of alcohol
  • Country liquor (desi) and IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor) are predominantly consumed beverages.
  • Nearly 6 crore people suffer or need help because of harmful/dependent alcohol use i.e one in every three alcohol users.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Tripura, Punjab, Goa, and Andra Pradesh have the most prevalent alcohol use

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