Can we ever expect Bollywood to move from it’s idea of beauty and talk about real things?

The recently released item number “BEYONCE SHARMA JAYEGI” from the upcoming movie Khali Peeli starring Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khattar, has been receiving dislikes and criticism in huge numbers for its lyrics. The song, penned by Kumaar and Raj Shekhar and Sung by Nakash Aziz and Neeti Mohan was released this Sunday on the YouTube channel of Zee Music Company.

I am 22 and for as long as I can remember, Bollywood has fed us the wrong version of the idea of beauty and love among many other things, and only in recent years, I realized how wrong it is.

Earlier this year, we saw the world unit for the #BLACKLIFEMATTERS due to the police brutality towards people in America. Many Bollywood celebs took stand for #blacklifematters and many were called out for promoting/associating with fairness beauty brands. when Hindustan Unilever decided to drop the word “fair” from its skin lightening cream Fair and Lovely, some stars appreciated it as a positive move towards ending colorism in the country.

But what happens to them when songs like “Beyonce Sharma Jayege” which goes like, , “Chamkeeli lachkeeli tu jo kamar yeh hilayegi, tujhe dekh ke goriya Beyonce sharma jayegi (which translates to “after looking at you fair woman, Beyonce will feel shy”), releases.
Are the makers of this song and us, living in the same world, Same page because what?

We are living in 2020 and a song like this makes us question the creativity and also the decade’s old mentality and appreciation of fair skin. Adding the words goriya and Beyonce in the same line is problematic enough and the irony of comparing a very beautiful, talented, successful, and proud black woman with a girl whose most countable quality is her fairness in their song.

This also makes me question, why are women objectified on the basis of their color and figure – when are people gonna realize that a woman is more, MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE than your eye candy.

A song by Beyonce, Brown Skin Girl featured a dusky Indian woman to reflect the beauty of the brown complexion. And in return, Bollywood offers a song that says Beyonce will shy off because she isn’t fair in complexion? Really?

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Apart from the song promoting colorism and objectifying women, it is really very bad. The beats, the music nothings mix up, and will only make you regret clicking the play button.

The better part and only the good part is – the song is choreographed by the Bosco-Caesar duo and can be much appreciated. ( I suggest, you mute the music and watch Ishaan Khattar dancing*-*)

It is high time Bollywood change its standards of beauty and stop feeding the wrong ideas and understand this is not entertainment but torture and wrong teachings.
Can we ever expect Bollywood to move on and talk real things and actually use its power to make a change for the better?

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