My brother Nishant entered ‘Bigg Boss’ with an open mind, he is being absolutely real: Lakshay Malkani

Nishant Singh Malkhani is currently locked inside the “Bigg Boss” house. Though he comes across as a quiet contestant, he has time and again proved that he deserves to be in the show by giving his 100 percent in the tasks and even winning them. He was sent in the house almost a month ago, and his brother Lakshay Malkani revealed that the “Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Payega” actor entered the house with a simple plan of being himself. And quashing claims that his elder brother is fake, Lakshay said that he is 100 percent real.

“I think he is absolutely real. I think he is being crystal clear. He believes in logic and sensibilities and when someone questions that then he doesn’t tolerate it. He doesn’t spend much time on frivolousness or unnecessary things. That’s how he is in real life also,” he said.

“Unlike my parents and I, he had not watched any of the previous seasons of ‘Bigg Boss’. He wanted to with an open mind, because he understood that even if he makes a strategy it won’t work after a point, as things are not constant in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, they change, and I feel he did the right thing,” Lakshay added.

When asked about the young heartthrob’s strengths and weaknesses, he said, “My brother’s strengths are how he deals with everyone. In a place like ‘Bigg Boss’ where it is very easy to form groups and engage in only that particular group’s stuff, he is actively participating in everything and talking to everyone. He knows how to keep the atmosphere good.”

“A weakness in this show could be that he keeps his biases separate from his decisions. If it comes to saving someone, he will not only see if that person is his friend or not, instead he will look at the overall performance and participation of the contestant. This is not something which everyone will appreciate, because everybody wants themselves to be saved first. I think this can be a problem for him,” he added.

During the first Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Nishant told superstar and host Salman Khan that he takes time to open up. Talking about the same, Lakshay said, “He is not a frivolous person. It’s a conscious call that he takes time to understand and figure out things and then opens up. But I have seen him opening up in the show. He doesn’t indulge in name-calling, or disrespecting anyone, so because of that many might feel that he has not opened up yet, but that’s how he is in real life too.”

The “Ram Milaayi Jodi” actor became the first captain of this season of the reality show, but his captaincy was taken away by “Bigg Boss” in very little time. Lakshay said, “We were very happy to see him become the captain of the house. But it was very unfortunate that his captaincy was taken away so soon, be it because of someone not following the rules or because he was doing the household chores. The number of housemates was very less, and so he wanted to be of any help that he could and thus cleaned utensils. But we are more than hopeful and positive that he will soon become a captain again.”

Well, Lakshay also spoke about Sara Gurpal’s comment, post her eviction, where she said Nishant had sprayed three bottles of insect killer on co-contestant Abhinav Shukla. He said Nishant had apologised to Abhinav about the same and even Salman had supported him in this matter.

“First of all, Nishant bhaiya had apologised to Abhinav for the same and even told him that he was just participating in the task. Then, even Salman sir supported him and said that he was just threatening Abhinav, and if he was not comfortable, he could have left his seat. I don’t know why Abhinav kept bringing it up again and again, but all seems well now between them, and I am happy for that,” he said.

“As far as Sara Gurpal’s comment is concerned, I took it lightly because I understand that the house is a very emotionally charged up place and hence a lot of things that people notice or understand over there are very different from how things happen in reality. So, we should take this comment in the light of the emotionally charged environment she went through and had to exit. I have nothing against her,” Lakshay signed off.

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