Munisha Khatwani predicts ‘Bigg Boss’ journey of Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin

Who doesn’t know the beautiful Munisha Khatwani. She is an actress, a celebrity tarot card reader, and an astrologer. In a tarot card reading session, she has predicted the “Bigg Boss” journey of Jasmin Bhasin and new entrant Aly Goni. The latter’s entry has already created a lot of buzz and he is definitely going to give some major competition to the other contestants in the house.

So here’s what Munisha had to say about their future in the reality show:

Jasmin Bhasin has got a powerful Sun planet, so chances of her continuing and staying in the show are positive. Aly coming in the show will create some good buzz because of his fan following and popularity. His Venus planet is quite strong, even his Ketu planet is quite strong, both are well placed in his favour. Jasmin will have good chances of going ahead in the show and with Aly coming in it will definitely be more engaging for the contestants and the audience.

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