I don’t think women were ever portrayed as weak on-screen: Sucheeta Trivedi

Sucheeta Trivedi has been in the industry for over four decades now. She started her career as a child artist and is now playing the role of a mom on-screen. Currently seen as the lovely Kaku in “Indiawaali Maa”, the actress feels that women were always portrayed as strong characters on the telly.

“I don’t think women were ever portrayed as weak on-screen. Take any female character, I can assure you that if she was able to run the house nicely, she was able to deal with board meetings too. Women characters have always been shown in a positive light, someone who can make a difference. They are emotional, but you can’t fool them. And I think every Indian woman has the same capabilities. She can do anything that she wants to do,” she said.

The “Baa Bahoo aur Baby” actress also asserted that the content on Television has changed drastically in the recent past. She said, “We have more real content on TV now, there’s something for everyone. We have shows like ‘Indiawaali Maa’, and ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan’ which are completely different from each other and are still showing content that people can relate with. Earlier, we made shows for a particular audience, but now it’s a big platter where there is something for everyone.”

Sucheeta revealed that for her role as Kaku she took inspiration from her mother, and said, “I think Kaku represents every Indian mother who can go to any extent for their kids. Even if they have never stepped out of their comfort zone, they will still do it if their kids are in any trouble. She wants to know everything about her son, and even the tiniest detail of his life matters to her. No matter how old they are, or how successful they are, a mother’s love is unconditional and she will always be by her kids’ side.”

The “Bh Se Bhade” actress, however, confessed that Kaku is not a typical mother who is just looking out for her son.

“While Kaku loves her son a lot, she is still supportive of her daughter-in-law and wants her to achieve great heights. She even tells her that taking care of the house is not just her responsibility, her son should be equally involved. I think in that sense Kaku is also breaking stereotypes set by society,” Sucheeta concluded.

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