Akash Mukherjee talks about his bond with Gupta Brothers co-star Satya Tiwari

There are some people who we meet at work and end up sharing a very close bond with. One such person for actor Akash Mukherjee is his co-star Satya Tiwari in the show Gupta Brothers produced by Madhu and Mahesh Pandey. Akash plays Alok in the show, while Satya plays Veeru.

Talking about the equation they share, Akash says, “My on-screen bonding with Satya is awesome. It has been more than three months that we have been shooting together. We enjoy each other’s company. Character-wise, we contradict each other. I am introvert and he is extrovert. So, the amalgamation of both is great. He always tries to teach me how to take control. You know like sometimes you need to speak up to make your actions count. You need to speak up and fight for your rights. I try to reciprocate with calmness. We motivate each other a lot and enjoy each other’s company,” says Akash.

The actor adds that the two get along like a house on fire. “Usually we don’t get too much time off-camera because the whole day we are shooting, for like 12-13 hours. But being with each other, sharing the same room, has helped us form a bond. We rehearse if we get time, though we don’t get too much time since we have to do back-to-back scenes together. We have mutual respect, give personal space and stand up for each other,” he says.

Meanwhile, Akash says that everyone is loving his character Alok in the show. “I am getting an awesome response. The character is unique and does unique activities such as speaking in shudh Hindi. He is very calm, composed and not aggressive but when it is required, Alok reacts to a situation. He talks and shouts only when it is very necessary otherwise he has a soft and silent nature My character has done comedy, high intensity drama, emotional scenes and is layered,” he says.

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