I have been trying to find a true form of love for a very very long time and only recently realized, I already have it with my dog, Deeno

We are living in a world that is always competing with one another, a world where no one’s true self and love is more about swipes, filters and Pinterest quotes. Everyone has multiple personalities they show with different groups of people. We are different in front of our family, friends, work, and sometimes even ourselves but we are all true to one – our pet, our best friend.

I have been trying to find a true form of love for a very, very long time and only recently realized I already have it with my dog, Deeno. He was mistreated by his ex-owners and was recused from them and came to me when he was 8 months with innocent eyes, a wagging tail, and loads of kisses. It’s been almost 5 years now and it’s still the same and has only added comfort, trust, and emotions between us.

Deeno has taught me what emotions are, what is the true meaning of trust, and how much comfort genuine love brings.

Every time I leave the house, he stands at the window watching me leave the lane with a sad smile and so much love that almost make me go home. And when I return, the happy dance and jumps he do like we haven’t met for months! There are times I cry my eyes out in the night and he just lies next to me with his paw on my hand, the way he licks my face when I am angry, the way he cuddles me at night and curls up to me when cold. He is my best friend and also my midnight snack partner. I swear he doesn’t eat all day except his own meal only when it’s chicken, eggs but prefers anything sweet but at night when I wake up to have ice cream or chocolates he too gets back and finishes his dinner with me. That must be his favorite thing to do with me, it’s mine for sure, our thing <3

And it’s not just him but every stray I have fed. The way animals trust us and show love without even able to talk is heart-melting. They witness, go through all sorts of troubles and pain yet you pet him once and give them a biscuit, they’ll melt in your hands.

Here are some of the pictures of the deeno ( his pictures are better than mine if not yours too)

But the most important thing, he doesn’t judge me. He doesn’t judge me for how bad my breath stinks in the morning, how messy I look, how dirty I am after a long day at work, for how I dance or cook his meal, or for the songs I listen to. He sure gives me looks but always, in the end, comes the cuddles me. He stays with me when when I have anxiety, he tries to calm me from a panic, she stays with me when I am depressed, when it’s hard to move. He stayed when no else do, shows his excitement in my little achievement, he listens to me when I can talk to no one else and sometimes it’s only him that I crave for when away. His one hug takes away all forms of hurt and pain. And you know, I love to play in rain and he hated it in the beginning but now also play and enjoy the after rain weather with me.

Share your story and pictures of your pet ( only sending pictures will be much much much appreciated, please send me the pictures of your furry friend )

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