Ways You Can Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Let me cook…

Move aside baby, let me clean…

I am late for work, I promise I’ll play with you later …

Phrases quite similar, no?
We all are running to fast in our lives that sometimes we don’t even have time for our own kids and their innocent and equally important requests. Spending quality time with kids deepens relationships, creates memories, and makes them feel important and loved. Not just that but it is important to be a part of their growing years and love through each and every moment of it before they grow up.

Here are 6 ways you can spend quality time with your kids:


Create an upbeat playlist and enjoy a kitchen dance party or just talk about your day with each other- what you did, what you ate, what you saw etc as you and your child get some chores finished. Not only will it be fun, but helping with chores will make your child feel proud and responsible

Create a special ritual for you and your child—something that can be done every day. For example, let your child choose and read one book with you at bedtime.


If you are working and doesn’t get to spend much time with your kid then you can always stay connected with your kid through special notes. Put a note on their bathroom mirror, lunch box, study table etc. This way your child will feel special and connected to you always.

Reinforce positive behavior. For example, if your child completes his chores without your asking, acknowledge it.

Make and eat meals with your children whenever possible. If time is limited, look for simple meals that require very little preparation, or grab a healthy snack such as an apple and sit for a few minutes and chat with your child.

Turn off technology when you spend time with your child. Try not to text, answer calls, scroll through social media, or watch television