Sharpen Your Kids Brian Cells With These Fun Games

Bheem Bheem Bheem Chota Bheem Chota Bheem – is this all you hear all day? Rather than knowing the latest lyrics, you know the tracks of Doraemon and Shin Shan?

Well, that happens when your kids sit by the television all day and watch all sorts of cartoon and also make you watch them too.
Sometimes parents are also relieved as they get time to do the other chores while the kids are busy helping Dora but at the same time, they are also worried about what the kids learn.

Kids enjoy these cartoon but other then Entertainment they give back nothing and that’s why I bring you 5 games which will help your kids enjoy, spend time with you and also learn at the same it.

1) Build them up: blocks

Best suits 2-4-year-olds

You can start off with basic colour and shape blocks for younger children.

Create simple patterns with blocks, have your toddler try to copy the patterns or This is a simple way to help your child observe patterns. This game will also help with the shapes and colours.

2. Eye spy

Best suits 5-8-year-olds

I know playing eye spy with kids can be tough since they are little and can run off to anywhere. So instead play themed eye spy.
Pick anything and ask them of finding it – it can be their toy, book, flower pot, colour or anything.

These types of games will help your children to follow instructions, enhance attention, develop language and increases their spatial awareness. Finding a targeted item in a cluttered environment helps enhance your child’s cognitive systems.

3. Obstacles

Best suits 2-6-year-olds

Obstacle courses help enhance your child’s gross motor, visual perception, motor planning, coordination, problem-solving, critical thinking and language skills.

Here are some items you can use to create an obstacle course indoors: pillows, chairs, tables, cushions, sofa, tables, storage boxes, string, paper, balls, hula hoops.

A typical obstacle course would include for you to do the following ~
something to walk on, crawl under, crawl through, jump, throw, hop, solve a riddle or anything you want!

4. Puzzles

Best suits 5-12-year-olds

Puzzles can be fun for the whole family! They are a great way to develop your child’s spatial perception, coordination, problem-solving, cognitive skills and fine motor skills— proving puzzles to be an awesome brain development activity. You can choose from board puzzles, crosswords, Scrabble, Sudoko, Rubik’s cube.


Best suits 4-8 years old

Pretend play, role play or make-believe play is a great brain development activity as it plays a critical role in a child’s cognitive and social development.

Pretend play helps develop a child’s language skills, social and emotional skills, nurtures their imagination and improves understanding of the world around them.

Pretend play is a great time to put out some open-ended questions to your child and stimulate their thought process.