5 ways you can help your kids have a strong memory base.

Having a sharp memory is a very very important aspect of life. We all tend to forget important information, dates and other things and to make sure our kids don’t go on the same path we need to assure they have a strong memory base in the classroom and beyond.

Having a good memory can help your good ace classroom grades, stay ahead in life. But strong memory isn’t something we are born with, it’s something we have to improve with time and skills.

Here are 5 ways you can help your kids have a strong memory base :

1. Encourage questions

Asking your kids questions about something they read or somewhere they have been too help them think deeper. For example – you remember who lives here? you know that ice store we went to last time? What did you do in class today? What did your friend ate at lunch today?

2. Rhymes and songs

We all tend to remember the latest song lyrics in seconds but never remember the text we have been learning for days. Help your kid learn through rhymes and songs so they can remember things for a long time.

3. Tricks and trips

Making the kid sit in front of you with books all day isn’t going to make them learn but rather bore them. So, to make sure they learn, understand and at the same it enjoys it – you can show them a movie related to what they are reading, taking them outside and showing them related things – for example, traffic rules, taking them to museums, art galleries etc. This will help them recall things in future.

4. Visual Aids

Encourage your child to use visual aids to help them remembers information that has been recently read or heard. Create flashcards that include words or images—these can be used for matching exercises or to practise word definitions.

5. Senses

Take a multisensory approach to learning by using sight, touch, and sound—read aloud, have a conversation, and use props. This helps engage your child with the material in more than one way, making it easier to connect with the material.