Hukum Ka Ikka Announced the Schedule of Releasing Video Album by January 2021

On an average four songs will be released every month, women singers will also get a chance

Hukum Ka Ikka, a production unit of 4S International, has prepared a blueprint for the entire year to promote Haryana based artists and state culture in the country and across the world. Now on an average four regional songs will be released every month. Preparations have already been started for this. This song will shoot at different locations in the state so that people of that place can also get employment. All the songs will be launched on Hukum Ka Ikka’s official YouTube channel.

18 songs will be released from August till the first week of January 2021. The songs will highlight various cultures, ideas and folk songs related to Haryana, as well as it will also showcase the lifestyle, food and order of the region through video albums. For this, Haryana’s famous singers Binder Danoda, Amil Dhul, Amit Saini and other state singers have been given an opportunity. Apart from this, emerging artists like Indu Phogat, Rupa Khurana are being given a chance.

Mr. Deep Sisai, Producer of Hukum Ka Ikka said that 4S International is trying to provide a platform to Haryana based artists. For this, a plan has been made to release songs throughout the year. In this, new emerging artists will be given opportunity along with old artists. From writing, composing to shooting, all the activities will take place in different districts of Haryana. It will then be released internationally through various social media and video sharing platforms. He said that so far 9 songs have been released, the response of which has been found in lakhs.

He told that it is proposed to release four songs in the month of September. It will feature the release of Lifetime song sung by singer RJ, Tornado sung by singer Lucky A, Hukum Ka Ikka by Amit Dhul and Naa a piyungi sung by female singer Ruchika Jangid. Similarly, work is being done to release the songs every month and the schedule has been prepared till December.

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