Kabir Singh has a problematic character – Quick movie review

Kabir Singh is the kind of boyfriend, who is aggressive, obsessive dominating, controlling and would go to any extreme (literally and not in a good way) for his girl. I haven’t seen the original Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy but from the reviews I was expecting a sweet love story and some drama but this movie is far from a meet cute romance, with mush gush and the regular romance.

Kabir Singh has no respect for others even before his girl gets married to another man ( he deserve that) thanks to his low tolerance level. The character get away with a lot of vices like womanizing, drug addiction, alcoholism and brash male toxicity. Even if we ignore his smoking and drinking problem (that i am) that he started post his gf’s marriage, I personally won’t want to be with a man who would scream at me, disrespect me, shout at me and slap me in public and no other girl in her right mind would / should because no love is greater than self respect and physical and mental peace.

From the very beginning of the movie Kabir Singh’s character is psychotic and problematic. During the promotion when I asked shahid about how difficult the role was for him as he is quite different in real life, he said “Well that’s what we do, no? That’s our job, that we have to play different people who are nothing like us (in real life) to try and create something which is fictional into making people believe that it is actually happening. I mean that is all it’s about”.

And during the picture he surely has maintained the same attitude making us giving the image of Kabir Singh and not Shahid Kapoor.

Moving on from Shahid’s character no one comes close to the leading man in terms of sharing the screen space, not even the woman he is so obsessively in love with, Kirara Advani. For most part, Kiara remains demure and is left to use silence ( and hardly noticeable expressions) as her only tool for performance. Shahid’s trusted friend Shiva (Soham Majumadar), on the other hand, gets ample opportunity to show solid support even when his friend is way out of line. Kabir even after his wrong behaviour towards his friends and family , have got full support time and time again but he still continues to disrespect time.He always shows up looking handsome as ever in his full grown beard and messy hair, even in the most dire conditions. So it isn’t a surprise that the most pretty girls, including a heroine Jia (Nikita Dutta), falls for his unabashed charm.

Due to kabir’s drinking problems he is suspended for 5 years from practicing his doctor’s licence. And soon after that his grandmother died and he plans on changing his attitude and goes on a “much deserving” vacation when he saw Priti , pregnant. Well all is good that ends good – Kabir and priti end up being together after 9 months of separation and Priti was also pregnant with kabir’s child and was living in a hostel as she on the very 3rd day left her husband’s house. The pace of the film becomes an issue with a runtime that is undeniably long.

The music, background, dailogs, direction are pretty good but over all the movie deserves not more than 2.5 stars only because of how the leading character has been written.

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