Influencers- exceptional or imperfect ?

Whenever we get free time nowadays, we generally scroll through various social networking sites, jumping from one site to another. But what affects us is what we see while doing this. We generally come across influencers – people who think that they are influencing the users of the social networking sites. They are usually beautiful and have a perfect figure, be it a female or a male influencer.

But the definition of an actual influencer is that it to is an individual who has the power to affect decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. An individual who has a following in a particular niche.

Most of these people don’t actually want to influence the users , rather they just want to gain likes on their pictures and become famous. Many of them use sassy captions about their beauty or body , which in turn results in their followers feeling a little complex about how someone can be so pretty and perfect. Little do the users know about the various filters and editing done to obtain such perfect clicks. Instead of persuading their followers, instead the influencers don’t impel them and make them feel inferior.

But we can easily differentiate between the right and wrong. There are many people who don’t want all the fame and want to actually motivate people. They always try to make everyone happy and their words are pure and inspire people to actually work hard and improve their life conditions. These people don’t usually make others feel small and they push them to actually realise their true potential and impel them to reach their goals.

Actual motivators are those who learn from the incidents that they have gone through, realise their mistakes and eventually share their realisation , so that others can be careful and learn. They are mostly writers and many of them are beautiful poets, telling their stories through poems and proses. So, we should be able to distinguish between them and the sham motivators and follow the earnest ones.

Social media has its own pros and cons. It just depends upon its users whether they want to contribute towards spreading positive or negative vibes. One should never consider someone as their role models until or unless they really know them and trust them to stimulate their inner potential. One should never feel inferior by seeing beautiful snaps of others as everyone is alluring in their own ways . They should follow their own style and everyone prepossess what they need to be affluent. As soon as they realise it , they will flourish beautifully.

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