Classy Wabi-Sabi Leather Collection by IZHAAR

Based on the philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection, Wabi-Sabi is modest and underplayed. It is about embracing imperfections and personal authenticity.

Wabi-Sabi celebrates the attraction of products with time worn imperfections, weathering, cracking and textures and thus, leather as a material, is the epitome of this look.

Since quality and durability are important things to consider, Izhaar have always believed in re-usability and sustainability, and therefore this collection is one which reflects their motto the best.

Their collection combines simple shapes with organic colours, making this a multi-faceted solution for most gifting classes. To ameliorate the richness of each product in this collection, there are pure brass beads studded on the edges, making it more robust and tasteful.

Each creation by Ruchita Bansal at “Izhaar” is a handcrafted work of art, designed by her and brought to life by a team of artisans at her workshop in New Delhi. “I am proud to present Izhaar! We are all about celebrations of unbridled happiness, superlative achievements, joyous togetherness and momentous occasions. ‘Originality’ & ‘Creativity’ is our core passion so that our clients can present a specially created expression of their feelings”, says Ruchita.

Check out the collection :

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