Celebrate this Diwali with the gift of sleep from Duroflex

With the festive season approaching, consumers are looking forward to celebrating this season with joy to break free from the hues of pandemic and enrich their life by rewarding themselves and their loved ones with meaningful gifts. As self-care and healthy sleep have become the key mantra this year, Duroflex presents to you their curated list of products so you can reward your loved ones with the gift of sleep amidst all the tension arising in the air due to the pandemic.

  • Duropedic LiveIn, an orthopedic mattress recommended by doctors of National Health Academy which is vacuum packed in box providing convenience and the correct back support for a good night’s sleep
  • The newly launched DuroSafe is India’s first antiviral mattress protector powered by Swiss Technology, HeiQ Viroblock which can kill 99.99% virus and bacteria within minutes and help you sleep safely
  • There has been a tremendous rise not only in back pain but also neck pain due to extreme work pressure and the memory foam pillows will help you feel relieved giving full support to your neck
  • Flexi, a lightweight travel-friendly mattress is a perfect purchase this festive season as it can be used to make extra seating for parties and mini gatherings at one’s place

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