Focus on Safety, Punctuality, Freight Loading & transparency in working of Railways
30% increase in freight loading (up to September,2020)

Sh. Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager, Northern & North Central held a review meeting with the departmental heads of Northern Railway & North Central through video conferencing. Deliberations were held on keeping focus on safety on tracks, Freight loading and transparency in working of Railways.

He informed that, Northern Railway maintained a good track record by achieving 96% punctuality of trains. The freight loading has also been increased 30% up to September, 2020. He further emphasized that the railway working should be transparent. He stressed upon maximum use of technology so that human intervention can be minimized and transparency in all sphere of railway working may be established. He told the efforts should be enhance to minimizing the human failure in train operation.

He further said that, the monitoring system of progress of construction projects should also be a prime focus area as the development/improvement of railways are very much dependent on these projects. He told department heads to expedite and complete the work in stipulated time manner in particular construction projects.

The safety is always be the prime focus over Northern Railway. He reviewed the work done over the zone in improving the maintenance standard of track, welds and removal of scrap lying near the tracks. He instructed the divisions on conducting drives to enhance the safety and counsel the staff whenever necessary and required. Taking on freight Business Development, the GM took stock of the outreach of the Business Development Units. He also instructed that BDUs should create an environment of trust, support and confidence amongst the customers. He also informed that, loading of food grains & other items have steadily increased with every passing month.

Northern Railway is committed to provide safe, smooth and efficient services to its customers.

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