Focus On Safety on Tracks, 160 Kmph Speed Enhancement, BDU and Monsoon Issues

Sh. Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager Northern & North Central Railways held a performance review meeting with the departmental heads of Northern Railway through video conferencing from Baroda House, NR headquarter office in New Delhi. Amongst many issues deliberations were on Safety on tracks, enhancement of speed, Freight (BDU) and train operations.

Safety is the prime focus over Railways. The GM emphasized on improving the maintenance standards of tracks, level crossings and construction of boundary wall along the track in high speed sections. He took serious note of the trespassing on line. He advised the divisions and the security department to book the persons found trespassing under different Railway acts and penalize them including jail term if need be. He also advised to make efforts to clear encroachment near the railway tracks to ensure safety. On improving the infrastructure the GM said that greater focus should be on the Level crossings. They should be revamped and road surfaces should be improved. Moreover the road users should be sensitized not to cross the lines when the LC gates are closed.

Monsoon rains have been very heavy in spots across NR. This is posing difficulty in train operations over stretches where water has collected over the tracks. Efforts are on in clearing the tracks by pressing in additional pumps for water evacuation. Moreover the local rain fed rivers and drains are in spate which is causing flooding in the embankments of the rail lines compounding the problem of train movement.

Talking on Freight Business Development, the GM informed that Railways is making all out efforts to provide freight services to all types of clients, from small traders to large FMCG and e-commerce giants. Long haul 5000T jumbo trains aptly called Annapurna for carrying food grains from Punjab and Haryana to different parts of the country completes its 400th run today. Timetabled parcel trains and Special freight trains for bulk and piecemeal goods are being run with increasing regularity.

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