Yoga retreats in India

India, being the origin of Yoga, has many Yoga Retreats for you to relax in. For those who don’t know what a yoga retreat is, it is a place where you can connect your soul and mind by practicing yoga.

Reasons to go to Yoga Retreats:-

1. Due to the increase in stress amongst the people nowadays , they can easily go to al retreat to take a break from their schedules and find themselves.
2. People suffering from various bodily diseases or disfunctions can go there and practice yoga as it has the power to heal many things.

There are innumerable benefits of Yoga but the basic and most important are listed here.

1. Increases flexibility.
2. Increases muscle strength.
3. Improves various functions of our body like respiration, digestion, etc.
4. Helps in reduction of weight.
5. Reduction of stress.
6. Keeps our mind peaceful
7. A regular yoga practicer generally doesn’t find any health problems attacking him.

Some of the Yoga Retreats in India:-

It offers personal yoga, pranayam and meditation sessions along with ayurvedic, international and cleansing therapies.
Well this resort is quite costly but once you see the servicing and location of the resort, you won’t regret spending this amount.

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Ashiyana is a tropical retreat center located in Goa on the beautiful Mandrem beach along the Mandrem river. It offers various yoga classes, retreats , holidays , teachers and massage trainings.
It offers various Holistic Yoga programmes. It is a resort but you can book your therapies there.

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It is a Four star resort located in Karnataka. It is a splendid place to practice yoga, relax and enjoy finger licking food.
It offers various packages ranging from 14 days stay to 28 days stay.

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The Yoga Retreats are quite costly but they are really worth it. The exemplary setting of each retreat in the beautiful nature is simply breathtaking. If one can’t afford such retreats, you can easily go to your nearby parks and practice yoga. It will be really very beneficial.

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