Cyber Stalking and Harassment

For people who don’t know about what Cyber Stalking is , I would like to elaborate its meaning i.e. It is a form of Cyber Bullying which includes stalking someone’s account, passing sly comments , harassing them , threatening to do nasty things to them ,etcetera .This is a punishable offense and such a person can undergo jurisdiction and receive punishments like paying fines to the accuser or sometimes even serve a short sentence behind the bars, depending upon the severity of the crime.

Most of the people undergo cyber bullying but they are not aware that it is an offense and strict actions can be taken against the people promoting it . Many people who even know about it don’t generally take a step against it because of getting their name spoilt in the society and later be affected by the person they complained about. Everybody wants to stay in each other’s good books.

The people who are usually found guilty of this foolish act are generally one sided lovers who can’t get the love of their lives . The ugly truth of rejection is like a slap on their face , so they plan on stalking and passing waggish comments publically on the person they like , which many a times include abuses and remarks on their body and appearance. Some perverts are also there on social networking sites who make anonymous User Ids and send vulgar messages to others, asking for their explicit photos. Even many actors face such sort of bullying. If you will ever open the comments of the actors’ pictures, you will get to know about the severity of this growing crime.

Also Social media users, who put their pictures online at times see people commenting, asking them to delete their posts because the pictures might be a little exposing.We live in a country where a girl is generally not allowed to leave at night alone. In such a country when people upload these kinds of photos, the general people’s self-esteem gets lowered because how can a person of such a backward country be so bold ? If the person who is uploading their snaps is comfortable in doing so, then I don’t think that some other person’s opinion matters.

Most of the users facing such problems generally block these people instead of facing them. As an alternative, they should fight them back and report such people. The mind sets of such people are a must to be changed as it affects our society in a negative way. Their narrow minded thinking is criticising the sharp ones. Strict action must be taken against such people and they should be stopped from spreading cynicism in the society and on the social platforms.

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