Luv Kush Had A Grand Star Stun Rehearsal Practice

Luv kush is the biggest RamLeela in the world and it’s getting bigger every year.
Like every year, this year too the Luv Kush Ramleela Committee has promised something new and unique for its viewers, all over the world. For starters, we will get to witness more than 60 known faces from the television and film industry along with many politicians portraying different Ramanayan characters. Also, to make it more grand, digital effects have been added.

Today, 28th September 2019, Luv Kush RamLeela committee had the final rehearsal before the show begins on 29th September.  In the rehearsal we could see Gagan Malik playing the role of Shri Ram, Bhojpuri Actress Anjana Singh in the role of Maa Sita and Mohit Tiyagi playing the role of Shri Laxman.


Gagan Malik who also have played the character of Shri Ram on television before said, “jab aap Esh Tarah Ka character play karte toh definitely apke life Mai bhut effect hotta hai – Aap Satya ki paribhasha ko jaan jaate hai other wise hum Nahi padhte hai, Dekh lete hai leken dhyaan Nahi dete but jab aap aisa koi role karte hai toh apko bhut padhna hota hai, usse apko jeewan ki Sahi raah samjh aate hai, apko jeewan Ka aadhar samjh aata hai, aap Jo off track hote hai vo right track par ajaate hai. Mere jeewan Mai bhut badhe changes aaie hai eshke Baad, dharam ki raah par chalna sekha maine or dharam kya hai vo Sahi maneye Mai Ramayana Karke malum hua“.

He also requested all the children along with their elders to come to Luv Kush RamLeela or watch live stream on YouTube, social media platforms or media channels and understand the true essence of life through Ramayana.

Visit Luv Kush Ramleela ( Red Fort ground) starting from 29th September to 8th October I.e Dushhera.

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