Beard Styles for men to try this season

With their ability to change your whole persona, it’s no secret that beards have become the most popular trend for men. This trend has gained alot of popularity over a few years and man this trend isn’t going anywhere for a long long time because as much as men are obsessed their beard it is believed that women too are attracted to men with beard.

Here are 5 beard trends for you to try now!

1. Circle Beard

Combo of a moustache and round goatee, this beard trend makes you look professionally hot without getting rid of them 😉

2. Full Beard

If you have a diamond face, stop shaving for 6 months expect the needed trimming and you are good to rock and attract with your facial features , anyone you want;)

3. Faded Beard

This look is quite popular with hipsters. By tapering your sideburns and beard into your hair, you can create a fresh, clean look.

4. Long Stubble

With a bit of patience,when the beard grows up to 6-7mm you keep trimming it at regular intervals. This look suits both long and short hair.

5. Van Dyke This style is a combination of a moustache and a goatee and of course some precision styling. You have ace the look of famous Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke by shaving the beard on your chin area by forming an inverted ‘T’.

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