The efforts of teacher’s like Anita Sharma is making Mission Buniyaad a successful campaign in Delhi

The inability of children to read and write fluently is a reflection on the failure of the school system. The focus has been on finishing the syllabus instead of concentrating on whether the student is being able to understand what is being taught” this statement was given by Education Minister Manish Sisodia while launching the Delhi government’s ‘Mission Buniyaad’ scheme in March 2018.

Under the scheme, the government made sure to work towards ensuring that all children of Classes III to IX are able to read, write and do basic maths in the three months duration.

The government selected special teachers for this program who despite the summer vacations worked in developing the growth of children. And also reached out to parents to convince them to stay back in Delhi for the entire duration of the campaign and send their child to school.

This year too the mission is on full force. In today’s time when everyone is concern about themselves and care only about self growth we should thanks teachers like ANITA SHARMA from PRIMARY CO-ED SCHOOL, PAHARGANJ who take the pain to guide the students on the right path with proper education through creative ways of teaching.

Watch video of her teaching –

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