Only with knowledge and skill can a student become self-reliant: Subhash Ghai, Film Maker & Educationist

MESC’s virtual learning carnival launched, many speakers spoke

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day and Vidyadaan’s One Year Anniversary Media & Entertainment Skills Council launched a Grand Event “Virtual Vidyadaan Carnival”. The unfolding of Vidyadaan Virtual Carnival was extremely exciting with the support of the eminent personalities who joined us to make this event a Supernova. The Inaugural Ceremony of the event started with a wonderful performance by Ms. Kritika Soni who performed beautiful combinations of various songs. Afterwards, Mr. Subhash Ghai, renowned filmmaker of Indian cinema, Educationist and Chairman of MESC expressed his pleasure on the First Anniversary of Vidyadaan. He spoke about the importance of bond between Guru and Shishya and expressed the need for students to feel at liberty to ask any questions to the teacher without hesitation.

Mr. Ghai mentioned, teaching is all about evolution and adopting new teaching methodologies to help students look beyond the ordinary. Students should be self-reliant and must ace in one trait however they need to be knowledgeable about various other traits in their segment. If students are to become self-reliant that their level of knowledge has to be increased. Have to learn skills. Must read more languages. Mr. Ghai dedicated a song to Gurus & Gurukuls Under his newly launched Music label ‘Audeus Music’ inspiring the Guru Shishya Parampara and focuses on the power of sharing wisdom. On the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s day, Mr Ghai shared a video made by Whistling Woods International team, encouraging teachers for “Vidyadaan.”

Mr. V.L.V.S.S Subba Rao, Senior Economist, Advisor, MEIT, was one of the esteemed panellists who shared his views on recently released new education policy. “It is only education where standards remain global. Globalisation is inherent in the education system” said Mr. Rao. Congratulating Vidyadaan on completing its first year, one of the esteemed speaker Mr Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General FICCI, shed light on the main points on new education policy.

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