Two notorious criminals including a history sheeter arrested, one country made pistol, two live cartridges and a car recovered.

With the arrest of Gyaneshwar also named Jojo age 35 Years and Keshav Kakkar age 28 yrs a case of Extortion and Robbery registered under section 386/392/397/506/34 IPC at police station Karol Bagh has been solved. A country made pistol, two live cartridges and a Kia car bearing No. DL-10CN-8833 have also been recovered from his possession.

Incident :

The present case was registered on the complaint of Mr. Harpreet Singh, Karol Bagh, Delhi Age 28 Years who runs a Chhole-Bahture shop. In the present complaint, it is alleged that Gyaneshwar and one of his associates namely Keshav Kakkar with others have been putting the complainant under threat of causing grievous hurt and death and thereby trying to extort a huge amount of Rs. 10 Lacs in advance and thereafter Rs. one thousand per day. When complainant did not pay any attention to the demand of gangster Gyaneshwar and his associates Keshav Kakkar and others, on 07.07.2020 Gyaneshwar and his associates Keshav Kakkar came to the shop of complainant and robbed the complainant on the point of pistols. Complainant was also threatened not to report the matter to the police otherwise not only the complainant but also his family members would be eliminated. Later on complainant was asked to visit the office of gangster Gyaneshwar and he was asked to pay the money within two days otherwise all the family members including the complainant would be killed. Again the complainant was threatened not to file any complaint or report the matter to police. The complainant was also been targeted by different persons who were stated to be associates of gangster Gyaneshwar and Keshav Kakkar. The complainant and his family members were living under constant threat of being killed. The complainant was also under tremendous pressure as to what to do. Under extreme pressure and threat of life from gangster Gyansehwar, Keshav Kakkar and their associates he showed his courage and filed the present complaint. A case vide FIR under section 386/392/397/506/34 IPC was registered and investigation of the same was taken up.

Having registered a case, a dedicated team consisting of SI Baljinder Singh, SI Shri Narayan Ojha, SI Mukesh Tomar, HC Omprakash, HC Ravi Meena, HC Kuldeep, Ct. Monu, Ct. Shimbhu and Ct. Khushiram was constituted under the active supervision of Inspr. Maninder Singh SHO/Karol Bagh and overall supervision of Sh. H.S.P. Singh ACP Sub-Division Karol Bagh, to locate the present whereabouts of both the gangsters and their associates as well.


During the course of investigation of this case, several CCTV footages were checked and mobile number of Gyaneshwar was traced and put on surveillance. Raids were conducted at the several hide-outs of both the gangsters in the area of Police station Karol Bagh and Police station Prasad Nagar but no clue was found.

Then the dedicated team was asked to develop human intelligence. After the load of efforts, dedication and devotion of time and finally, as a result of continuous, relentless, diligent and professional efforts, human intelligence and local criminal knowledge, one of the gangster who is also known of Don of Karol Bagh area namely Gyaneshwear was apprehended at Sablania Chowk, Karol Bagh, Delhi in a luxury Kia car bearing No. DL-10CN-8833. On checking, a country made pistol with two live cartridges and a mobile phone were recovered from his possession. He was arrested in this case at the instance of complainant.

Another accused Keshav Kakkar, age 28 yrs has also been arrested today, who is the history sheeter of PS Prasad Nagar.

Modus Operandi :

One of the accused persons namely Gyaneshwar, who is known to be a Don of Karol Bagh area and a habitual offender. He along with another gangster Keshav Kakkar with other associates is trying to run an extortion racket in the area of Sub- Division Karol Bagh and Patel Nagar etc. They were targeting builders, shopkeepers, businessman and innocent persons in the area to extort money. In order to commit the crime gangster Gyaneshwar used to hire fresh budding criminals from the different area to target the persons. They also used to show weapon to create terror in the area. Their hired goons too keep weapons to terrorise the persons in case, they refuse to pay the extortion money. With the motive of earning easy money they used to target only those persons who could be easy prey to them. After committing the crime they try to extort exorbitant amount from the targeted persons.

Recovery Effected :

1. One Country made pistol along with two live cartridges.
2. One Mobile Phone.
3. One Kia Car bearing No. DL-10CN-8833.

Previous Involvements :

Gyaneshwar also named Jojo :

1. PARSAD NAGAR 392/34
3. PARSAD NAGAR 392/397/34
4. PARSAD NAGAR 387/506
6. KAROL BAGH 354D/323/341/506/174A IPC
7. SARAI ROHILLA 302/34 IPC & 25/54/59 ARMS ACT
10. KAROL BAGH 25/54/59 ARMS ACT
11. KAROL BAGH 392/452
12. FATEHPUR BERI 186/353/34 IPC & 25/27 ARMS ACT

Keshav Kakkar:
Sr. No. Police Station FIR Number Sections of law
1. Prasad Nagar 384/411/34 IPC
2. Prasad Nagar 392/397/411/34 IPC
3. Prasad Nagar 141/08 307 IPC
4. Prasad Nagar 386/07 302/324/34 IPC

Further investigation of the case is in progress.

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