With the arrest of two persons namely Sushil Kumar Sharma aged 23 years and Pankaj Rai aged 27 years the joint team of Special Staff/Central District and P.S. Ranjeet Nagar busted a gang involved in house theft cases after working under the garb of domestic servant for some time. Rupees 19.8 Lakh, one scooty and three mobile phones purchased out of stolen money have been recovered/ seized. Thus, a serious case of theft by domestic servant has been solved.


On 17.06.20, Vijay Kumar reported that he is running a office of money exchange in Mohan Singh Place, Connaught Place. On 24.05.20, he employed one Sushil Sharma as domestic help at his residence. On 15.06.20, he withdrew Rs. 40 lakh from his account of ICICI Bank, out of Rs 40 lakh, he kept 1.5 lakh aside for his house hold expenses and remaining 38.50/- he kept in a bag and further he put the bag in an almirah at his residence.

On 17.06.20, his servant Sushil Sharma did not report for work hence he went to terrace to check his servant but servant was not present there. The Keys of almirah were also missing. Thereafter, he broke open the locks of the almirah and found that the bag containing Rs 38,50,000/- was stolen. Subsequently, a case vide e-FIR No 247/20 dated 17.06.20 u/s 381 IPC was registered and investigation was taken up.


Keeping in view of gravity of the offence and huge amount of money involved, Special Staff of Central District was also roped in the investigation and to nab the culprit. Subsequently, a joint team led by Inspr. Lalit Kumar, I/C Special Staff/Central consisting of SI Gajendra Singh, HC Rakesh and HC Vinod under the supervision of Sh. O.P. Lekhwal, ACP/Operations/C and second team led by Inspr. Nareder Kumar Tyagi, SHO/Ranjeet Nagar consisting of ASI Pawan and Ct. Anil under the close supervision of Shri Piyush Jain, ACP/Patel Nagar was immediately formed.


The teams started searching the alleged servant Sushil Sharma. CCTV footage of the whole adjacent area were collected and checked thoroughly. CDRs of alleged Sushil Sharma were analyzed and found that he was constantly talking with 2-3 particular numbers. CDRs of suspected numbers were also obtained and found that one number came in Delhi on the very first day of the incident. After analyzing of CDRs of both the numbers it came to notice that both the numbers went switched off from a same location.

During further course of investigation, it is revealed that after committing offence they booked OLA cab and left Delhi. Hence, technical surveillance was mounted and raids were conducted in Delhi and different districts of Bihar. After hard work of joint team both the above said persons were apprehended from Gai Ghat, Mujaffarpur, Bihar. They were interrogated and arrested in the present case. After sustained interrogation, cash of Rs 1 lakh was recovered from the possession of accused Sushil Sharma and cash of Rs 80 thousand were recovered from the possession of accused Pankaj Rai. They further disclosed that they have deposited cash of Rs 17 lakh in the different accounts belonging to them and their relatives.

During investigation, Banks were identified by both the accused persons and the accounts in which they had deposited the stolen money were seized. At the instance of accused persons one scooty and three mobile phones which were purchased out of stolen money were recovered.

They further disclosed that they handed over the bag containing Rs 8-10 lakh to their known Guddu resident of Bihar. They further disclosed that they handed over Rs 6.60 Lakh to their other relatives. Section 411/120B/34 IPC have been added in the present case.

It has surfaced that there is gang operating in Metro Cities and targeting the house where the money transaction is going on or the senior citizens are residing. They placed their group members in those houses and in pursuance of conspiracy whenever they get chance they steal valuable from those houses and got disappeared. Investigation of the case is going on.

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