The teams of Central District, Delhi under direct supervision of Sh. Sanjay Bhatia IPS DCP/Central District executed a sensational live operation in which a gang of robbers, including sharpshooters of Hapur (U.P) who committed a day light robbery in a jewellery shop in West District but failed and escaped from the spot after firing on one of the clients of the jeweller all of them, except one conspirator were apprehended by the vigilant teams of central District, including Jaguar – 6 patrolling motor cycle group and others within few minutes of the alleged incident. Recovery of arms and ammunitions, vehicle used in commission of crime etc. effected with apprehension of four accused persons, namely Sachin Jangra Age 31 Years, Sehjad Age 21 Years, Mohd. Anas S Age 22 Years and Manish Sharma Age 22 Years – recovered two country made pistols with 9 live cartridges and one Hyundai made I-20 car.


An incident of armed robbery took place inside M/s Mohan Chains & Jewels, 5/58, Double story, Tilak Nagar, Delhi in the evening of 27.07.2020 at about 05.30 PM. Two armed robbers with their 3rd associates entered the jewellery shop and attempted to loot jewellery, the fourth associate took position outside the shop to give cover and the fifth master mind kept sitting in his white colour Hyundai i20 car ready to escape after commission of robbery but the attempt was foiled due to resistance offered inside the jewellery shop. One of the robber, namely Mohd. Anas fired on a customer of jewellery shop in order to avoid capturing, the customer sustained gunshot injury in stomach and the alleged robbers fled from the shop thereafter. The Control Room West District flashed a WT Message for all Districts in Delhi broadcasting the I-20 Car No. 9073 or 9013 with the request to intercept the said i20 car, which was involved in the firing incident.

The control Room of Central District, Delhi alerted all the SHOs, ACsP and Jaguar Teams, Patrolling Teams etc. to trace and intercept the alleged i20 Car. The alert Jaguar -6 Team of Central District, headed by ASI Anil Kumar No. 469/C with his team members, namely, Ct. Mintu No. 951/C, Ct. Inderjeet No. 1542/C and Ct. Vinay No. 1277/C each on their individual govt. bike issued to them for patrolling. They were in patrolling on Patel Road when the said message was fleshed by CDCR at about 06.04 PM dated 27.07.2020. Shortly the Jaguar – 6 Team noticed the said i20 Car on Patel Road near Shadipur Metro Station, who followed the car having 5 occupants. The Jaguar – 6 team members surrounded the said i20 Car while driving their bikes. In the said attempt to intercept the car when the occupants of the i20 Car took U-turn near Patel Nagar Metro Station Cut pillar no. 193, the Car driver hit the motor cycle of Ct. Vinay No. 1277/C, who fell down in front of the car and the helmet of the Ct. Vinay also got broken. Then other members of the Jaguar Team, namely Ct. Inderjeet also laid down his Bike in-front of the i20 Car in order to block the car. The occupants of the car applied brakes, meanwhile four occupants came out of the car and jumped on the service road of South Patel Nagar and fled away, whereas the alleged driver of the car namely Sachin Jangra was overpowered by the Jaguar Team members. Immediately the Jaguar team I/C informed the CDCR telephonically about the incident and CDCR again flashed WT Message to all SHOs, ACsP and DCP of Central District regarding the incident.

DCP Central District, Sh. Sanjay Bhatia, who had incidentally gone to PS Patel Nagar to hold evening day briefing of beat and division staff also rushed to the spot with ACP Patel Nagar and SHO Ranjit Nagar and Patel Nagar and their staff. On reaching near pillar no. 195, Patel Road Southern side, it was learnt to the Police Team members that two of the armed assailants had entered a Kothi/Cottage No. 13, South Patel Nagar after pointing weapon on Jaguar Team members in order to escape. DCP, Sh. Sanjay Bhatia and team of Patel Nagar Sub Division cordoned the Cottage No. 13, South Patel Nagar in order to apprehend the alleged armed robbers. In the said attempt one of the alleged robbers fired upon the police team in order to escape and evade their arrest. The Police Team including DCP Sh. Sanjay Bhatia and his gunner Ct. Kuldeep Kaushik also fired one round each from their service weapon in self-defense. However, the alleged two robbers shut down the door from inside of the house and fled in the back lane where the robbers were intercepted by the beat staff of PS Ranjeet Nagar including Ct. Rakesh Rana, Ct. Dharmender and Ct. Rajender. One of the robber also fired upon the beat staff in order to escape , Ct. Rakesh Rana also fired one round from his service pistol in self-defense and all the three beat constables chased both armed robbers despite being fired upon by them and finally they were apprehended both of them near gali No. 6 Ranjeet Nagar. One Country made pistol with 6 live cartridges recovered from accused Mohd. Anas and one country made Katta with 3 live cartridges recovered from the possession of accused Sehzad at the time of their apprehension. The 4th accused, namely Manish was also tracked by the joint team of Special Staff, Central District led by Inspr. Lalit Kumar and PS Patel Nagar team lead by SI Manoj Kumar and apprehended him from Uttam Nagar area. The 5th associate, namely Nadeem R/o Bahadurgarh, Hapur, U.P. is on the run. Efforts are continued to trace him out and apprehend him in the case.

A case vide FIR dated 28.07.2020 U/S 186/353/307/34 IPC r/w 25/27 Arms Act is registered at PS Ranjeet Nagar in this regard.
Interrogation of accused persons has revealed that a conspiracy was hatched by accused Sachin Jangra (who is also a jeweler by profession) to loot one jeweler in Avantika, Rohini Delhi. To execute the loot planning, he contacted his associate Manish and asked him to arrange shooters and arms ammunitions. Accused Manish had met one Antim R/o Bahadurgarh, Distt. Hapur, U.P. in Tihar Jail, Delhi. Antim and Manish both came out on bail few months back. Antim is a hardcore criminal of Bahadurgarh, Hapur U.P. As such Manish contacted Antim and engaged him to arrange shooters to execute loot plan. Antim sent his native village shooters, Mohd. Anas, Sehzad and Nadeem with arms and ammunitions to report to Manish and Sachin at Uttam Nagar terminal. All the three shooters came from their native village and started residing in Jamia Nagar in a rented premise. On 27.07.2020 afternoon they took an Ola cab and met Sachin Jangra and Manish at Uttam Nagar Terminal at about 04.00 PM. All the three shooters having arms ammunitions with each boarded the car of Sachin Jangra at Uttam Nagar Terminal from where they first reached at M/s Giriraj Jewelers, Rohini and attempted to loot but the owners of jewelery shop. As such master mind Sachin Jangra led the gang to his known jewelers, namely M/s Mohan Chand Jewelers, Tilak Nagar, Delhi. Accused Sachin Jangra kept seated in i20 Car. Whereas Manish along-with shooters Mohd. Anas and Sehzad went inside the showroom and accused Nadeem took his position outside the showroom to give a cover to his associates. When Manish and the two shooters attempted to loot the showroom, they faced resistance and scuffled took place with the occupants present in the showroom. On being apprehensive of being caught in the showroom, accused Mohd. Anus shot at one person namely Mr. Chand Chadha, who succumbed injury in his stomach. Thereafter all of them fled from the spot in their i20 car but were apprehended by the vigilant Jaguar Team and other Central District Teams, including Sub Division Patel Nagar and Special Staff Central District.

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