With the arrest of three criminals namely Abhijeet Samanta, Farhan also name Babloo, Munna in FIR No. 281/2020 dated 22.08.2020 Under section 392/397/328 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act PS Chandni Mahal, the staff of PS Chandni Mahal have worked out a false case of Robbery of 2.600 Kg Gold jewellery. The complainant Abhijeet Samanta, who is the main conspirator in this fallacious case of robbery had created this whole conspiracy in order to get rid of bank loans (Approximately 61 lacs) which he had availed from three different banks against the stock of gold with him.


On 21.08.2020 an information that a lady has taken away 2.600 Kg Gold after making the caller unconscious. On this police reached the spot Chandni Mahal, Delhi and recorded the statement of the complainant. The complainant stated that he runs a business of jewellery making in the name of TARA Manufacture gold and he used to supply prepared jewellery to other jewelers. He stated that today i.e. 22.08.2020 at about 08:35 PM he collected a payment of Rupees 50000/- from Mehtab jeweller and came to his office. When he entered in his office then a woman in a Burkha also came inside in his office and put a gun at his head. That woman slapped him and also snatched rupees 50000/- and keys of lockers from him. She forced him to open locker from him and tied his hands, legs and mouth with the cloth. Thereafter she had taken away all the gold jewellery kept in three plastic boxes weighting about 1.600 Kg and one Kg gold bar from the locker. Accordingly above mentioned case PS Chandni Mahal was registered.


Keeping in view the reported brazen robbery of 2.600 Kg gold at the gun point, a special team under the supervision of ACP Darya Ganj, and under the leadership of SHO Chandni Mahal Insp. Binod Kumar Singh, Delhi, Insp. Sanjiv Verma (Bravo/PS Chandni Mahal), SI Mohit Malik, SI Pawan Yadav, ASI Latoor Singh HC Ravinder, Ct. Rajbir, Ct. Mahesh, Ct. Davender, Ct. Rishi Parkash, Ct. Naresh Yadav and Ct. Kuldeep was constituted. During the investigation, the CCTV footage of three hours from three different cameras were analyzed and it was noticed that the entry of the alleged woman was friendly and behavior of the complainant was also suspicious during the commission of alleged incident. The complainant Abhijeet Samanta broken down after a six hour prolonged interrogation and admitted that he had made the whole conspiracy along with co-accused persons namely Farhan and Munna.
InterrogationDuring interrogation complainant/accused Abhijeet Samanta disclosed that in order to increase his business he had availed business loan from three different banks namely Central Bank of India (Rs. 25 Lac in the year 2017), AU Finance (Rs. 19 Lac in the year 2018) & IDFC (Rs. 17 Lac in the year 2018) against the gold stock with him and he also got insured the gold stock against which he secured loans. He further stated that since 2018 his business was becoming slow and he failed to achieve his targets as per his ambition and finally due to lockdown he was not in a position to deposit the EMI of his loans amounts and banks were pressing hard to get their loan EMIs. It was in his knowledge that if anything like theft/robbery of the gold stock, against which he had availed loan from the banks, happened then all the loan amount will be waived off. Accordingly he shared his idea with his known Farhan and prepared a conspiracy of false robbery of his gold from his office. Farhan brought his another known person Munna for implementing the conspiracy. Abhijit Samanta arranged the entire executing gold bar and jewellery, Farhan arranged toy gun & Burkha and Munna committed the alleged robbery.
Modus operandi
Complainant/Accused Abhijit Samanta in order to get waived off his loan amount, which he had availed from three different banks against the gold stock, made a conspiracy of a false robbery of gold/gold jewellery from his office. Abhijit Samanta arranged all the artificial gold bar and jewellery, co-accused Farhan arranged toy gun & Burkha and co-accused Munna executed the alleged robbery. On the day of alleged incident, co-accused Farhan handed over Burkha and toy gun to the co-accused Munna. Thereafter Munna wearing Burkha followed Abhijit Samanta to his office located at 910, second floor, Gali Jatwara, Chandni Mahal. There Abhijeet Samanta after entering his office kept opened the door and allowed an easy entry to co-accused Munna inside his office. As per conspiracy Munna put toy gun at the head of the Abhijit Samanta and slapped him. After the alleged robbery of gold from the office of the complainant, the complainant got himself tied from the co-accused Munna. Munna taken away all the gold and gold jewellery with him and closed the door from the outside. When police reached the spot the complainant i.e. Abhijit Samanta created a scene that a genuine robbery was committed with him at the gun point.

Recovery :

(i) All the dummy gold jewellery weighting about 1.600 Kg and 01 Kg gold bar.
(ii) Toy gun used in the crime.
(iii) Burkha worn by the co-accused munna during alleged commission of crime.

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