With the arrest of one accused person, Rohit, 22 years, a blind murder case reported on 06.07.20 under section 302/201 IPC PS Kamla Market has been solved by the joint team of PS Kamla Market and Special Staff Central District.


On 06.07.2020, a PCR call at 6.45 AM was received at PS Kamla Market regarding a male dead body lying inside Govt. Sauchalya near Ramlila Ground, Delhi. Inspector Ved Prakash Rai, SHO/Kamla Market, Delhi along with staff reached at spot where a male dead body aged about 27 yrs was lying in an isolated place in North MCD Toilet Campus adjacent to Minto Road Round. During examination of dead body, a piece of cloth was found tightly knotted round the neck of the deceased which seems to be the cause of strangulation to deceased. Further, it was also observed that the culprit(s) intentionally dragged the body behind the wall of a room with intention to hide the deceased’s body. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 133/2020 u/s 302/201 IPC PS Kamla Market was registered and investigation of the case was taken up by SHO/Kamla Market.


During the course of investigation, the deceased was identified as Sameer resident of Shanker Gali, Sita Ram Bazar, Delhi. Several public people were interrogated by constituting two teams consisting of Inspector Ved Prakash Rai, SHO/Kamla Market, Inspector Shyoram Yadav, ATO/Kamla Market, Inspector Lalit Kumar of Special Staff, Central District along with Crime team for site-inspection. During investigation, it was found that mobile phone of deceased was also missing, hence Section 394 IPC was added. Mobile number of deceased was kept on tracking and it was found that location of phone is roaming in Old Delhi area.

A dedicated team was constituted which worked relentlessly by interrogating hundreds of persons and examining minutely the CDRs of missing mobile phone of the deceased. Team worked in all possible angles especially any enmity, dispute etc. to crack the case.

Today, the team of PS Kamla Market on a tip from secret informer and pointing out of a witness, one young man was apprehended who disclosed his identity as Rohit above. Three mobile phones were also recovered from the possession of the accused. Out of two mobile phones, one mobile phone was connected as looted mobile phone of deceased. As regard to other mobile phones accused could not give any satisfactory answer.


During the investigation of the case following staff played vital roles in teams by executing the task/work assigned to them: Inspr. Ved Prakash Rai, SHO/Kamla Market, Insp. Shyoram Yadav, ATO/Kamla Market, Insp lalit Kumar, Inspr. Special Staff, SIs Giri Raj, Gurish and Ankit, ASI Gyan Prakash, HC Sandeep Chawla, Cts. Mahesh, Sumit, Anil, Ravi. The team worked under supervision of Sh. Anil Kumar, ACP/Kamla Market.


During investigation, it has been found that accused Rohit was living in Delhi as vagabond. Accused disclosed that in the month of March 2020, deceased took his four thousand rupees and now he was denying to pay it back. He went to Haridwar in the month of March before lockdown where he was arrested in a case of mobile phone theft and after releasing from jail, he came back to Delhi.

He used to steal mobile phones of people and play gambling. On 05.07.2020, he met with deceased Sameer near Mother Dairy Booth. At that time one Somnath was also with him. On the request of deceased Sameer alleged agreed to buy Whisky for them. He purchased two quarters of whisky from Delhi Gate Wine Shop and deceased bought water bottle, snacks and plastic glasses. They came inside the toilet block Complex near Minto Road and entered from main gate side and went at a secluded place. After few minutes, he sent Somnath to bring more whisky. After that deceased started demanding more money from the alleged by threatening him of his being local resident. On this alleged became anxious and beaten the deceased. Being under influence of liquor, deceased could not resist much but again threatened him. On this alleged strangulated the deceased with the help of a cloth which alleged was keeping to be used as face cover. When he was satisfied that deceased had died he took his mobile phone and escaped from there. After that he received some calls on mobile phone of the deceased on which some male was enquiring about deceased but he misguided the caller and went to Cycle Market Chandni Chowk.

Further investigation is in progress to identify other crime committed by him.

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