The party tuners, Funky Boyz

Funky Boyz is a live band based out of the Capital City of India. They are a fusion of dance, funk, bhangra, hip-hop, contemporary, International and Bollywood element. A well-known band with more than a 1000 successful shows and it mainly comprises of four members- Paras Sunda- Emcee, & Vocalist, DJ Wicked, Sandy the percussionist and JSK Dholi. They are the pioneers of modern Punjabi funk music.

Paras Sunda Started his career as a video jockey for zee networks and further moved on by bagging the contract with the first international radio station world space. There he developed his interest in music. Being desi from the heart he always had a niche for Punjabi music which dragged him to the world famous dhol band Buzz Funk as their official vocalist/co-owner for India.

He later on shot to fame with his song ‘ Nehar Wala Pull’, in which he gave the Lyrics, and then there was no looking back.

DJ Wicked- The backbone of the band and the only ‘ Singing Bling of India, Dj Wicked. In his Case Djing started out of curiosity turned into a hobby and then finally into Passion! Wicked has a keen interest in Punjabi and Bollywood style of music, he even has an album to his kitty “ The Jhoom Hits”…. Wicked can any time pull the crowd to the dance floor to his numbers.

JSK Jindi Who knew his Passion for Dhol, would lead him to conquer the world, Jaswinder Singh Kooner has huge experience, he was with Daler Mehndi for a long time and has travelled the globe. He has been awarded the title of “ India’s only Heavy Weight Dhol Champion.”

Sandy– Sandeep Kumar Chandel A.K.A Sandy Percussionist, has been awarded the title of “ God On Drums’ in Spain(Madrid).

Question 1. How did the four of you met and started this band?
Ans. This band was earlier called basma, it was five of us who started the band. It was initially the idea of me (Paras) and DJ Sumit Sethi. But jaisa bands Mai hota hai, one person wants all the limelight and Sumit Sethi wanted all of it. Later on it wasn’t about the band but about Sumit and his band.
We had the idea of having band where all five of us should get important, equal output for it. So in 2015 the four of us ( Paras Sunde , DJ Wicked, JSK Jindi, Sandy ) separated and started our own so we don’t lose our identity. This is how funky boyz were started.

Question 2. Why name “ funky boyz”?
Ans. Funky Boyz because of two reasons
1. Because buzz funk was there and we wanted something similar to it
2. Funky because the kind the kind of personality we four have and where funk music comes it is more like the fusion of tunes, base and drum is there.
So our band has percussionist, dhool, it has more rhythm with the DJ. The funk music is a very initial part of the band and that’s why we call it funky Boyz.

Question 3. Since the release of your first song, your audience has touched sky, you have more than 1000 performance – what words would you give to your journey ?

Ans. Journey being amazing yaar, the kind of attentio we wanted for our music, we are getting that. Our first release was 1million views at that time, a good organic views but then we got a lot of remix done and they have also reached million.
Recently we have done tere pyaari pyaari doo akhiya which is almost 100million on tiktok and the views on the remix itself is reaching a million.
We have done original tracks, recently we have done shradhanjali, for our Pulwama martyrs and we have received amazing potential from the public. It is a dark thing, what we have done quite a underground thing with hip hop, it is also getting a goodbresponse.

Question 4. We have heard many songs dedicated to our soldiers but your recent song “ shradhanjali” has a twist of rap in it – how did you come up with that concept?
Ans. It’s a collaboration of funky boyz with DL41,these are young boys, Dime, Rd and lot of these guys have been performing underground freestyle raping and they are pretty good with it. And as it is , the hip hop culture in India is growing, underground culture is growing and no doubt when we heard their lyrics, their rap it literally clicked with all four of us and we immediately thought of doing something. In hip hop it is majorly about rassels and tassels about the gang and hip hop is talking about day today life, boys – girls thing. We thought why not giving it a twist to the lyrics which is a rap and rap is majorly rhythm at poetry. So this thing came to our mind that we can always give this underground track something which is useful and logical and I think it truly turned out logical because whatever we have done we feel it and that’s why we have done it.

Question 5. Music isn’t just for entertainment it also teach us and your song “ shadhanjali” is a tribute and feeling of every Indian after the attack but still there’s not much views on the song nor the song is on radio or anywhere else like your other songs . Even though you said it it’s not a commercial purpose but still there are songs which make no sense but still trend
what will you say about on that?

Ans. This you should ask the Indian media. This you should ask from the youth of the country, to the media of the country, this should be asked from the radio of the country when they have the filtration process of the music don’t they should pick up this kind of logical music, logical hip hop or rap and put it on the radio? I am sorry I am mentioning this but apko radio par apna ganna chalana ho, apko 4-5 lakh rupee dene hote h because these days it’s a paid medium. But they also pick up. We have not engaged the system because to run a company you have to have your commercials right but this is the responsibility of each and every citizen because first we are the citizens of this country , then Indians and then business men. So I think this is not right, they should have picked it up and we tried to put it on different radio channels but no one was ready play it and this is totally their thing and because of which we lost it. If you see the channel we have launched from, we hardly have 300-350 subscribers but still the response, you see, is reaching 1 lakh views which means people are liking it, That means still there are people who have the sense of what is logically right and wrong and what is logical music.
Ab Bura na manna jai toh radio par national anthem kitne Baar bajate h? Ye toh bass JB 15 August hota h ya 26 January hota h tb bajta hai, ye desh h veer jawano Ka, ush din g jata h mere desh k dharti otherwise aage piche kitne Baar bajate h ye. So this is the question to be asked from the mediums through which the music is being played.

Question 6. What new projects are you working on?
Ans. Now a days we are working on alot of original content. We wanted to start with something logical and we have already started from shardhanjali. And think being an Indian I still have some values in me. We believe, jab BHI koi kaam shuru karte hai, phle toh humme Apne bhagwan Ka naam, humare dharti Ka naam, humare desh Ka naam lena chahea, so this is how we started. Our next project is a musical treat which we’ll be launching from our channel only on YouTube. We don’t need any label for it obviously now a days label is very important because the subscription base and proportion high. But at the end of the day, today’s market scenario, if you are good, if your content is good people would like it and social media being such a platform where anything and everything can go viral but still to make it viral you have to spend alot of money.
So we are thinking of doing a fusion of our folk heer, a musical treat with up scale music, it’s more gonna be a lounge kind of a thing we are doing and I think people are going to like it.

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