Rupali Suri, who will be soon seen in Ram Gopal Verna’s upcoming south India film had an interview with Dil ki Awaaz

Gladrags MegaModel winner, anchor, host, theatre performer, fashionista and now a film actress; Rupali Suri is heading to become an entertainment all-rounder. She played the Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi “with a difference” in Bharat Dabholkar’s directorial comic satire play Bottoms Up. And she’ll be seen next in Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming south India film – Lakshmi’s NTR.

Question 1 – Tell us about your journey so far in the industry?
The Journey so far has been fantastic. There have been a lot of ups and downs. It’s been a roller coaster ride. Lots of hardships and failures. Its taught me so much and I have grown so much as a person. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

Question 2 – How do you feel being a part of Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming south Indian film – LAKSHMI’S NTR?
I wouldn’t want to reveal a lot about my film. I am just waiting for the audience reactions.

Question 3 – According to you which actor / actress / anyone from the industry is the most fashionable and inspiring, with whom you would want to work in future?

There are so many. I like Deepika as a fashion icon. I also like a lot of Hollywood actors. They are fabulous fashion icons. I would like to work with a lot of new actors and directors. Rajkumar Rao is just phenomenal with his work. There are so many people that I would want to work with.

Question 4 – How do you manage to maintain your gorgeous body?
Yes it takes a lot of effort. I workout. I do llot of my dance riyaaz. I am a classical dancer too. I do lot of jazz dancing as well. But there is no other way or a format of exercise than dance that I have discovered in my life. Yes I do my normal running, jogging and little gymming here and there and that keeps me fit.
I also eat well so I make sure that I eat moderate. I eat in balance. I give my body enough protein and nutrition that is required. So I don’t diet so consciously . But I eat moderate.

Question 5 – What other project’s are you currently working or looking forward too?

I am currently working on a web series with zeenat Aman in it. It’s her first web series. And I am really looking forward to it. I don’t have a lot of scenes with her but I am really hoping that I have scenes with her.

Question 6 – Recently many stories were shared by many actors and actresses on #METOO, did you ever in your journey faced any such situations or any other barrier you had to overcome?

It is a fabulous movement and I just hope that the reusult on the movement shows very precisely.I only want my industry to come out of it and just be a little more logical, rational and giving work on basis of talent and righteousness. The deserving people should get work. I really hope that this movement has made a lot of difference in the industry. I only feel bad for people who have suffered this. I don’t know how much will it affect but I am really hoping that it gives a positive response in the industry and deserving and right candidate gets work.

Question 7 – If not a model and actress which Career would you choose and why?

I don’t know actually. Because I started working so early in my life as a child and as a teenager actor. This is the only option I saw. But if given an option I would take up my dad’s business. My dad is into the fashion business I think I would have done something in that line for sure.

Question 8 – If you were given a chance to remake a movie – which one?

If there was any movie that I could work on or if there can be any remake, I have always been inspired by this movie which is a yash Chopra movie called Lamhe. I watched it when I was a child. It was a movie ahead of its time. It was a movie which was so progressive when it released. I still remember I was in school and I was very young. When I saw that movie I was like Omg! can we even have a concept like this. I would want to work in a movie like that, in a concept like that which is so progressive yet so romantic. It has that feeling of romance and love and everything in it.

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