People call her a dancing doll when she dances on stage – Maya kulshreastha

Maya kulshreastha has been pursuing dance since the age of 5 and she learned Kathak from Mohini Manik, DR. Monika Shrivastav, Raja Maan Singh University from Guru Pridipto Kumar Ji Lucknow Gharana. Maya has done her M.A in Kathak and holds an M.A in Psychology too.

With a Diploma in theater arts, Maya has performed a number of stage shows as a soloist and in a group. Maya has conducted many workshops under the aegis of Anjana welfare society and Nrityam Kathak Kendra Gwalior (MP). Maya has choreographed dance drama, a fusion of Kathak and Bharatnatyam, Kabir Doha, Ram-Sita virah.

Question 1. Other than Maya, you are also famous by the name ” dancing doll” and dancing from the age of 5 from many great dancers – how is our journey so far.

Yes may be kathak is dance of spins and on stage i love to take different spins in kathak during spins they feel … Like a dancing doll , my dancing journey is still going on its beyond life i learnt some renowned artists I’m blessed during this journey i am getting guidance of a legendary artist guru smt Geetanjali lal .

Question 2. Share some memories of your early years as a dancer-

Early age there were many more memories but i start loving dancing when i got first trophy in my school for dance.

Question 3. Who do you ideal the most?

My parents, They taught me the value of life and how to fight for our dreams and identity and of course ideal my gurus. As such all seniors are my inspiration, those are doing great work.

Question 4. What / who inspires you to work as a social worker?

I belong to a non artists background family where they only knew some good teacher’s names in my city ,after learning how to groom your art, what you can do they didn’t know i struggle a lot to get good guru , good perfomance , being an artists i know many more like me so i want to provide them a good plateform. And for this my upcoming plans will more effective.

Question 5. How does your dance/ acts educate people?

I try to do things little differently in my dance. I choose some different topics from history or social issues, i write on them and under the guidance of my guru i compose and choriograph them. Like – women empowerment ,slums kids , girls education, meera Radha.

Question 6. How does dancing help you personally?

Dance help me a lot infect i would say this is the reason of my life it control my stress ,develop positivity, multitasker, results oriented i have faced problems in my personal life but i have choose dance or other way dance have choose me.

Question 7. What are your future plans?

Future plans i never plan my future i firmly believe on karma and being an artist learning is the process of life.
And i will try my best to set a platform to upcoming artists behalf of my NGO Anjana welfare society.

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