Journey of a soulful Sufi singer, Vidhi Sharma

Blessed with a soulful voice, Vidhi Sharma has been awarded the title of “Bhakti ki Awaaz” for two years consecutively by stalwarts of the music industry like Padma Shri Anup Jalota ji, Padmashri Smt. Shubha Mudgal ji, Smt. Sudha Malhotra ji, late Shri Jagjit Singh ji and Kailash Kher ji. Vidhi went on to become one of the most sorts after voices for numerous soulful albums. She has won GIMA (Global Indian Music Award) for the album ‘Cinema’in the best fusion album category (2013). Known for her melodious voice, Vidhi has performed at various International and National music festivals like one of the world’s biggest festivals- the Baalbek International Festival in Lebanon; The ASEAN Summit, New Delhi; Mula Festival at the IIFA in Madrid; World sufi music festival- Jahan-e-Khusrau, New Delhi; Jaipur Literature Festival.

Question 1. How did your musical journey / Journey of music begin?
My journey of music began when I could barely speak at the age of 2 and a half years . I was surrounded with music as my father and the entire paternal family is musical- my father, my elder sisters, uncles, aunts, my cousins can sing and some can play instruments or have a good ear for music. My mother, a music connoisseur and my best critic, was very keen on encouraging me to learn music at an early age, practice and perform or sing at various musical platforms. As a result, formal training in music also began at an early age of 7.
Question 2. Sufi music is a kind of music which calms us – how does it help you personally and professionally?
I feel Sufi music personally, makes me feel blissful. It is one of the best ways I express myself. Any Sufi poetry seems to be a part of me when I am singing Sufi music. The blend of sufi poetry with musical notes is so mystical and ethereal that it is difficult to express in words. It all becomes One and I feel a part of that Oneness. In other words, I am in connection with myself! Professionally, this further helps in creating a mystical world for my audience where I transport them along with me on the journey of Oneness. For eg: I was once performing a popular Hazrat Nizamuddin poetry at a Sufi Music Festival in Delhi- “Chhap Tilak sab Cheeni re mose naina milaike ” and while I was completely engrossed in my performance, I saw some people getting up and dancing, some- crying, some clapping hard and singing alongwith me. Such emotions and expressions are beyond explainable terms and can only be experienced. These are mystical and are soul touching!

Question 3. There are many young singers who get the platform and get famous but then lose track, what advice would you give them.
I’d like to say- Pursue music only for the love of it, pursue it as a passion and try to achieve excellence by learning and learning continuously and DO NOT pursue to earn money and fame. Music, in fact, any art form, can only be successfully pursued as a way of “Sadhna” or Self- Realisation. It needs devotion, discipline, patience and perseverance. Also, young singers must understand that there are no shortcuts. Music requires practice till the last breath of your life. Continuous Riyaaz, respect for the art form, humility, learning from other artists, etc. are imperative to grow as an artist and to being a successful one.
Question 4. You have been awarded for your voice and performed in many shows but still, you sing as a freelancer and not under a label, why?
Well, there has not been a deliberate attempt to keep away from singing under a label. Though the terms and conditions of music labels sometimes interfere with an artist’s other endeavours. But all said and done, I look forward to working with some great and leading international music labels.

Listen to her tracks here

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