Yaaram Star Cast Came To The National Capital For The Promotion Of Their Movie

Today the Starcast, Producer Veejay Mulchandani along with director Ovais Khan of upcoming movie “Yaaram” came in National capital for the promotion their movie. The press conference was held at Le Méridien Hotel, New Delhi. It is a Hindi Language drama directed by Ovais Khan under the yashvvi films banner.

The movie stars Ishita Raj Sharma, Prateik Babbar, Siddhant Kapoor and Subha Rajput in lead roles.

During the press conference actor Prateik Babbar spoke about the subject of the movie, he said, ” Yaaram is all about friendship, love, and Fun. How four friends form love square, which is quite interesting to watch! The movie tells a social media in a very light and humorous manner and show the different stages that the people go through in friendships and relationships. To understand and relate to it, you will have to watch the movie.”

Ishita talked about the teamwork during the shoot, she said, “Pratiek and Siddhanth are childhood friends and their bond is very strong but I was an outsider yet they were really supportive throughout the shoot. She also said, “We have made the movie with lot of love and had great fun while shooting it and I only wish the audience go back with a smile and the social message we tried to give.”

Siddhanth talked about his character, “I am playing a very confused character in the movie and my friend in the movie, Prateik helps me a lot throughout the story in sorting out my life.

Subha talked about her character, she said, “I am Meera in the movie and I can relate to myself with her because in real life I am like this only – I am very possessive about my family, my friends and loved ones and I am sure everyone can co-relate with Meera somewhere and also with the movie.” She also added, Nowadays people are so impulsive and give up so easily in a relationship they have love between them but don’t try to work things out because they have of low patience level in them, that should not happen.”

Watch the trailer now :

Yaaram is a Hindi Language drama directed by Ovais Khan under the Yashvvi Films banner and is all set to release on 18 October 2019.

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