“We have followed the novel and have kept the name same too but have modified it to make our own identity ” Says Salim Merchant on the musical play “UMRAO JAAN ADA”

Today, 24th July 2019 the press conference of the upcoming live musical show -” “Umrao Jaan Ada” by Mirza Hadi Ruswa was conducted at The Lalit, Delhi with the cast Rajeev Goswami (director), Salim Merchant (Music composer), Sulaiman Merchant ( Music composer), Irfan (Lyricist and producer), Pratibha Singh Baghel (Actress playing Umrao Jaan), Kanika Meheshwari ( Actress playing Khanum Jaan).

Umrao Jaan Ada- The Musical
The upcoming stage play is an adaptation of Mirza Hadi Ruswa’s classic novel Umrao Jaan Ada which focuses on the life of Umrao Jaan, a courtesan. Directed by Rajeev Goswami and music by duo Salim –Sulaiman Merchant . Script & dialogues is written by Varun Gautam and Choregraphed by Pooja Pant.
Some stories are timeless, stories that we can’t help but tell again and again for their celebration of the human spirit. Follow the journey of a courtesan as Umrao Jaan navigates a world of treachery and desire, only longing ever to be truly loved by someone.

Present that the event Salim Merchant told the media,” we tried to keep the music authentic, we added some Kathak elements so that the dancing visuals remain same though mujra style has been used in Umrao Jaan. We have used western classic orchestra and mixed the aura of western music with gazals, dhumre and other such elements. We also have two original music in the play.” He also said that, ” we have followed the book write by Mirza Hadi and also have kept the name of the play same, “Umrao Jaan Ada” but have modified the characters, have written and played them so well that the our play, Umrao Jaan Ada have it’s own identity”

The event is organized by Gravity Zero Entertainment and sponsored by Insider.in and Paytm.

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