Through OTT, actors are getting a chance to showcase their talent on a low budget too: Rohit Choudhary

With so many web shows and web films made on various OTT platforms, an artist who is really passionate about his work will never be out of a job. And actor, producer Rohit Choudhary agrees to that and said, “Through OTT platforms a lot of people are getting the opportunity to showcase their talent. Earlier movies were only made for the big screen, now they are also made for OTT platforms on a small scale and actors are getting a chance to showcase their talent on a low budget too.”

“If you do good work and give your best you can go to places. People can even create their own YouTube channels and flaunt their talent, what can be better than this. OTT and web have also increased the viewership and reach. This is the best time for any artist or performer,” he added. However, he asserted, “We have got an opportunity to flaunt our talent on a lot of platforms, but it should be good work, it shouldn’t be done just for sake of it. You should give your heart and soul to that one thing you are doing and it will benefit you, if you try ten things at the same time, neither the audience will be happy nor you will be satisfied.”

Revealing his 2021 plans, Rohit said, “I have planned a lot of things for this year, but first I want this pandemic to end. I will be producing a movie and it’s already in the scripting stage, and then I am also getting the opportunity to act in a couple of movies, so I am looking forward to that and hoping that it gets a good release.” The “Aamdar Nivas” actor also suggested that to be successful one must be disciplined. He added, “Discipline is the key, this I have learned from my career. I have also learned that once you take up something, you need to finish it till the end and give it your best. Also, I feel people should only think of working on something depending on their capacity and capability because you can’t go beyond a point and you shouldn’t start something that you are unable to finish.” Though Rohit shared that discipline leads to success, he emphasised that success and fame both depend on luck too. He added, “You need to be hungry for success, because if that’s missing then you won’t be successful, but you should not be over greedy.” “Take examples of big stars like Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, and Shah Rukh Khan, once they were successful their first focus was on their family. What’s the point of getting so much success when your personal life is suffering. You should always be satisfied and you should enjoy your life with your family,” he signed off.

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