Taapsee Pannu talks about female-centric movies in Bollywood

In a recent interview with PINKVILLA, Actress Taapsee Pannu opened up about female-centric films and gender-based stereotype. She shared, “I feel hero has no gender and I am trying to prove that. We have for so many years fed our audience that hero is a gender-based term and they have also accepted that. Now the change can not come overnight, it will be slow and steady. It requires a lot of perseverance from the side of all-female actors who are trying to bring the change.”

Taapsee went on to add, “I am not giving up easily and not succumbing to this pressure that I have to do a certain kind of films to make sure I am saleable. I am ready to push the boundary slowly and steadily as in every way possible. But I can’t change my choice because it doesn’t fall into the conventional formula. I am ok to have my own audience but an audience that believes in my choice of films.”

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