Sonakshi Sinha apologize to the Valmiki Samaj

The actress during an interview with Siddharth Kanan on July 23, 2019 had made use of a certain word on being asked about her airport looks. The actress had replied saying she looks like a ‘b****i’ with respect to her airport looks. But this remark did not go down well with the Valmiki Samaj and they openly criticized the actress for using that particular word to describe her airport looks.

The Dabangg actress has now issued an apology on her Twitter handle saying her remark was unintentional and underogatory. Sonakshi further added that she has deep respect for the Valmiki community and their contributions towards the country and society and if anyone was hurt due to her remarks, she apologizes for it. The 32-year old actress became the target of many on social media who called out on the actress for using a word which was considered as disrespectful towards the Valmiki Samaj.

Many members of the Valmiki Samaj burned down an effigy of the actress in Moradabad to express their outrage over her remarks on the Valmiki community. Recently, Sonakshi Sinha’s film Khandaani Shafakhana was released. This film looks to break away from the taboo related to the subject of sex in the country. The actress made news when a hashtag #AsliSonaArrested began trending on Twitter. The video of the actress in handcuff was going viral on social media. The fans were left wondering as to what really happened with the actress.

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