Star Cast: Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Ishita Dutta, Akshay Kumar

Director: Behzad Khambata

Rating: 2.5/5


Blank begins where Karan Kapadia is handcuffed, kneeled down on a deserted land at the gunpoint target of the cops. Diwan (Sunny Deol) receives a phone call while we see Hanif (Karan kapadiya) struggling to set himself free.

Soon after that , we head back to 12 hours ago to witness the sequence of events which ultimately unfolded into this heart-in-the-mouth moment. Mumbai is under grave danger as a group of sleeper agents plan to conduct a series of blasts with the deadly HMX across the city. Enter ATS chief SS Diwan, who is all ready to go guns blazing to save the city. Meanwhile, a suspected terrorist Hanif (Karan Kapadia) finds himself in a hospital after an accident. The catch here, the guy has a bomb attached to his chest and is apparently suffering from a memory loss. The rest of the plot revolves how Diwan hunts down the terror hunt to save innocent lives.

It has continuity issues throughout and several plot holes in the film that are touched upon but don’t get addressed even after the film concludes but can’t discuss them without giving out the spoiler.


The performance of karan kapadiya need a little brushing whereas Ishita Dutta didn’t get much space to show her girl power. Sunny Deol is power packed with action scenes and cover most of the screen. The writing of the film is below average.

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