Power & Poise

It was indeed a great moment of success, power and poise. The launch of 50 most influential Indian worldwide coffee table book authoured by Dr.Gunpreet Kahlon, unveiling of the 3rd International edition of Beauty & The Best Magazine and the award for Indian woman of influence concluded in UK Parliament on 25th June amongst august gathering and the influential people across the globe.
Present at the occasion were Baroness Verma, Dr.Shivani, Baroness Smith, MP Virender Sharma, MP Caroline Spelman, Nazuk Shyam Puri, Dr Preeti Jindal, Priya Priyadarshini Jain, Priya Sawant, Ritisha Niveda, Roopamouli, Mr Chandrashekhar, Emilia Pahwa, Jasmine Soni, Alexandra Darby, Rosemary, Amrit Gill, Rashmi Rai, Pooja Mittal, Aliye were the part of the prestigious unveiling and award ceremony.
Guests were thrilled to see the special edition of the Beauty & The Best Magazine “Indian of Global Influence and Emergence of Modi n New India” and share their thoughts about the Indian Prime Minister Hon’ble Narendra Modi.
Says author Gunpreet, ” Its pleasure to see women across the globe doing so wonderful in their respective fields and from there it came into my mind to write about their achievement in the form of 50 most influential Indian women worldwide- coffee table book Edition-2, which was a great success for all of us.”
Further added Preeti Puja, who is the recipient of the Indian woman of Influence award in the media category and the Managing Editor of Beauty & The Best Magazine,” We as a media organisation working towards new India and trying to awaken people in the direction of visionary Prime Minister Shri, Narendra Modi. Our 3rd International edition talks about the most 25 influential personalities of our society, from the of field of beauty, fashion, wellness, wedding, education and lifestyle such as Pooja Mittal, Gunpreet Kahlon, Umesh Dutt, Sraboni Chatterjee, Nasreen Shagufta, Preeti Mishra, Priya Priyadarshini Jain, Acharya Vinod Kumar, Dr.Harleen Oberoi, Kiran Sharma, Dr. Sohini Sastri, Anu K Sood, Geetaa Paul, Dr.RN Choubey, Sushant Bhagat etc.


Unveiling of the coffee Table Book

Pooja Mittal receiving an award for outstanding Indian makeup artist of the year by Baroness Verma at the UK Parliament

Priya Priyadarshini Jain received an award for her best Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist of the year

Preeti Puja with MP Virender Sharma

Dr. Shivani

Preeti Puja With Baroness Smith

Preeti Puja received an award for best Indian lifestyle journalist of the year at the UK Parliament

August Gathering at the UK Parliament

Poster unveiling of Emergence of Modi & New India

MP Caroline Spelman with the book

Preety Puja posing with her award of best lifestyle journalist

Unveiling of the international edition of Beauty & The Best Magazine at the UK Parliament

Pooja Mittal as the special 25 in the exclusive international edition of Beauty and The Best Magazine as the Indian of global influence

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