Parineeti Chopra shared the first look from her upcoming movie “The Girl In The Train” and it looks startling

Parineeti Chopra is currently in London for the Hindi remake of Emily Blunt starrer The Girl on the Train. While she continues to shoot for the thriller, the actor has shared her intriguing looks where she is bruised, scarred, drunk and holds a startled expression.

Sitting in a bathtub, Parineeti stares at the wall and the look on her face is bound to send some chill down your spine.Sharing the photo, the actor wrote on Instagram, “Something I’ve never done before. And the most difficult character I have ever played in my life.💥 #FirstLook #TheGirlOnTheTrain @reliance.entertainment @sarkarshibasish @amblin.”

In another photo, Parineeti holds the expression of an alcoholic. “A raging alcoholic. Something I’ve never done before .. and the most difficult character I’ve ever played. 💥 #TheGirlOnTheTrain @reliance.entertainment @amblin #RibhuDasgupta,” the actor wrote along with the picture.

The Girl on the Train, starring Emily Blunt, was an official adaptation of Paul Hawkins bestseller of the same name. The film chronicled the story of an alcoholic divorcee who rides a train every day and idolises a couple as her train passes through their house. But one day she gets involved in the investigation of a missing person.

The movie is expected to be released in theaters in 2020.

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