Tuesday, 25th June, 2019, House of Lords, The United Kingdom Parliament, London. One of the most blissful day in the life of Priya Priyadarshini Jain for being honoured and felicitated as the “Indian Woman of Influence” on this remarkable occasion. The day also marked the grand launch of coffee table book on ‘50 most influential Indian women worldwide’ featuring her as one of the most prominent personality from India.

“Indian Woman of Influence Awards” had awardees from various countries like Britain, India, USA, Spain, Scotland etc who were selected on the basis of their achievements in their respective fields and contribution towards the nation building. The awards were presented by the Barons of the UK Parliament in the glittering presence of respected Member of Parliament, their families and the elite section of London. It was indeed a memorable moment for each and every recipient as this being one of the life time events of their life.


‘Indian Women of Influence Awards’ was held at House of Lords, UK Parliament on 25th June 2019. The award recognized the power of Indian women residing in different parts of the world. This award assures that women of Indian origin are the leaders in their respective fields in the countries they presently live. The award ceremony was also concurred with the official launch of coffee table book on ‘50 most influential Indian women worldwide’ which featured top Indian women’s like former President of India Pratibha Patil, Nita Ambani, Baroness Smith, MP Caroline, Hema Malini, Shilpa Shetty, Pinky Anand, Shivani Mehra along with Priya Priyadarshini Jain and others.


Priya Priyadarshini Jain is a Delhi-based successful entrepreneur, fashionista and philanthropist, who enjoy high regard in India and Britain. She possesses many qualities which makes her different from others. Her charismatic personality has mantra of success, achievement, wealth, philanthropy, beauty, glamour, intellect, name & fame.

While accepting the award at the UK Parliament, she owed this award to her late legendary father Mr. D.K. Jain who was a pioneer in the field of education and business. She has inherited high values, skill & zeal of entrepreneurship from the deeds and thoughts of her father. As Priya Priyadarshini Jain rightly says, “You may be born rich, you may have an illustrious and much wealthy legacy but to get further success and reputation you have to have vision and hard work. You have to set your own goal. You have to pave your own path. You have to believe in yourself. Think thousand times before you take decision but once started never look back.”

Priya believes in nation building and her interest for the same can be noticed through her articles on Skill India & Ayushman Bharat being published in many magazines and newspapers. She is a great admirer and follower of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. She once said that the vision and dedication of the PM to make “New India”, have made an everlasting impact on her.”


Indian women worldwide are doing wonders and this felicitation has again established a trust that work and wisdom goes together and world is looking at you to come and reign it with your personality. United Kingdom as a country respects Indian and this felicitation is certainly going to add in the nation building.


As an Indian it’s certainly a moment of pride for me that I have been chosen as one of the awardees among the 50 top Indian women globally. It will add value to my philanthropy and will certainly initiate more such works that helps more and more people for betterment.


Priya revealed that she had started to pen a book on Narendra Modi. Though, at this point of time she was reluctant to divulge more details about the proposed book. But upon request, she said that “This book will not be on his life and political activities, rather this book will be a document. It will present the views of beneficiaries of different programmes announced by the Prime Minister Mr. Modi.”


I would like to advice all girls and women that believe in yourself and do whatever you want to do to achieve your ambitions. Today, the world has different perception towards us and sky is the limit. So, be positive and achieve your goals and strengthen yourself do something bigger and better and bring a change in the society.

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