Kabir Singh : Men like Kabir Singh are passionate but Women?

Let’s get to it. In Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor plays a senior year, violent MBBS student who declares in front of everyone that a first year med student Preeti (Kiara Advani) is his girl ‘bandi’. Leave aside seeking consent, he marks his territory in the most uncouth way possible.

Like the most absurd entitled males, he decides who Preeti should be friends with and what should she wear. On that front, a chubby girl is an ideal friend because overweight chicks are like teddy bears. Beat that!

He orders her to bunk classes to take lessons from him, warns other students not to throw colours on her on Holi and even restricts her physical movement. Things people do in love! Sigh!

But that’s not exactly the root of the problem. In a recent interview, Advani called Kabir Singh a protective lover, and there are many who would agree to this statement. Social media comments are proof.

Our upbringing has taught us to view men as the “protectors” and the dominant gender. So, when we have a man, who is financially, educationally and professionally successful (Kabir Singh is a university topper and later a reputed surgeon), taking interest in a woman, we choose to conveniently ignore his negative, often dangerous, traits.

All we want to see in him is a passionate lover who is ready to go to any extent to ‘protect’ his girl. The cherry on the cake? A possible happy ending for both of them.

Now, imagine it the other way round. If a girl goes to the same extent, accept it or not, most men, even the society, would dismiss her as crazy. And if the man happens to be married, she would be promptly labelled as an ‘immoral slut’, ‘husband snatcher’ and what not.

It’s not like only men display possessive, obsessive and self-destructive behaviour in love and relationship. Women too engage in behaviours that can be obsessive, controlling and destructive.

On the other hand there are people appreciating the movie and are loving Shahid Kapoor’s acting.

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