If you live on romance then you need to watch these romantic Korean dramas

Throughout the past few years, Korean Dramas have literally taken the global entertainment industry by storm with millions of people watching the addictive soap-opera-esque shows despite not knowing the language.

There are other reasons why people like K-Dramas so much. Unlike conventional soap-operas, which tend to drag story lines for years, they go straight to the point – sometimes being addictively over-dramatic. The storylines, often set in a remote and epic past or in present-day trendy urban Korea, are undeniably captivating.

Here are 5 K-dramas for you to binge on Netflix if you love anything romantic-

1. Something in the rain

It’s a modern – day Romance full of charming elements. The girl falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother, but they struggle to keep their forbidden love story a secret.

2. She was pretty

Hye-jin is contacted by her childhood best friend and first love years after they have parted. But when they meet, he doesn’t recognise her. Unlike what she looked like in her younger days, Hye-jin isn’t “pretty” anymore. After her family loses money, she spends all her time working and has no time for maintaining her appearance. The twist is, this crush turns out to be her new boss, so she now has to constantly lie about who she is in front of him so that he never realises that she isn’t pretty anymore.

3. 12 years promise

High-school sweethearts Jang Guk and Yu Jun-su sleep together right before their school ends and Guk ends up pregnant. Then, Guk has an accident and miscarriage. Exploiting the distance caused by that, the mothers of the two teens, who were always against them being together, split them up. Twelve years later they meet again, except Guk now goes by Dal-lae and looks completely different.

4. Accidentally in love

Based on a book, it about a young women rejecting the demands of her wealthy family, she poses as an ordinary college student and crosses paths with a stoic pop star at school.

5. Boys over flowers

Shinhwa high school’s four hottest, poshest guys come from uber-rich families–but they are bullies. One day, a plucky dry-cleaner’s daughter, Geum Jan Di, joins their school and thereon begins the undoing of these boys.


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