“Green Pasture” announced it’s calendar 2020

7 December 2019, New Delhi : Green pasture with great pleasure announced the 2nd edition of their fashion calendar – Calender 2020 at 3 Idiots Lounge, Kailash Colony, New Delhi. The calendar features some fresh faces along with well known celebrities, socialites in a fusion concept.

Present at the event were Faisal Khan, Aashma Gulzar (fashion designer), Rajiv Elwadhi (art promotor), Doctor Manorath along with Pawan and Dolma who are the face of the calender 2020.

Green pasture was launched by Faisal, who is a fashion choreographer. Thought Green pasture he started Ventures in grooming, talent hunt, modeling sessions, styling and much more.

Check out some of the looks from the calendar :

Talking about the calender 2020 Faisal said , “The calender is of fusion concept and is a calender for families there is no nudity or cheapness you’ll see. I imagine and style my models in a way they themselves haven’t ever imagined themselves in.” The calendar see bright colours, nature, jewels. Faisal further added, ” For the calendar i took inspiration from ancient history, people & culture, nature & environment, abstract & art and mold them into a new look.”

Green pasture take your hopes forward and gives you a trusted platform to fulfill your dreams


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